HI All!

March 1, 2019 marked my 1 year Tofacitinib.

Either Xeljanz and or Generic Tofacinix from Beacon Pharma in Bangladesh.

Started on 10mg per day and bumped up to 15 mg per day in August of 2018.

I saw my doc at Columbia University in NYC on my 1 year mark.

He drew my labs and everything came back great!

I've currently been on 3 pills per day of Tofacinix (approx 15mg per day with probable slight dosage variation due to it being a generic)

My doc has me starting to wean off the meds, here is his plan for me:

I went down to 2 pills per day (10 mg per day) starting March 1,2019

After 3 months, if no shedding, no patches, he wants me to go down to 1 pill per day.

After 3 months, if no shedding, no patches, he wants me to try to go off completely.

Update on Pfizer Xeljanz co-pay coupon. The Co-Pay coupon is now 3 months FREE

You can use it once per year. It wasn't free for me last year, but it is now!

I called in and activated the coupon with Pfizer and next day walked out of the pharmacy in NYC with 180 free pills of Xeljanz. So I will be on the name brand for 3 months and then will switch back to my stockpile of Beacon generic.

No side effects. Current pics below. Last time I buzzed was Dec 16, 2018

Also a baseline pic from March 1, 2018

Thanks for all of your support guys and wishing everyone here healing in whatever way it comes.

Love of love,


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Wow amazing Nat !

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry, I have not posted on here in some time with my progress. Anyway, I have been on tofacitinib now for 8 months (October 2018) and I have all my hair back now! I got my first haircut in YEARS on Saturday and I was extremely anxious. I have continued to have zero side effects and I have had my bloods taken twice now and both have come back clear and healthy. Still currently on 15mg a day. I had an issue with UK customs with one order which meant that I had to reduce my dose slightly for a few weeks to make medication last. Thankfully the wonderful Nicole T helped me out and sent me some emergency medication - I will forever be thankful to her.

Attached are 2 photos from today and then 2 photo montages from when I started in October/December.

Hope everyone else is progressing well.

October/Demember 2018

October/Demember 2018 #2

June 2019

June 2019 #2

Well done and great results! were you AU?

Congrats! Amazing results!

That's amazing Steve! So happy for you :)

Wow could not be happier for you.
Thanks for the update!!

Congrats Steve!! You look great :)

Must feel amazing to be back to yourself. Enjoy every minute of it.


Nicole you're such an angel helping everybody. Thanks for being so wonderful. 

Hurray for you!!

thanks for posting and giving us all hope!!


Wow Steve you look amazing mate !! So happy for you man ! I remember us discussing about even taking xeljanz !

Hi Steve,

amazing progress i wouldnt have been able to tell that you were ever AU. Are you using branded or generic Xeljanz? Are you planning to remain on the medication indefinitely? I have been talking Xeljanz XR (11mg) daily for 3 months now. Prior I lost 70% hair on head, and on patches on body and lost entire facial hair was diagnosed AA 8 yrs ago. No my beard is 95% growth, full regrowth of body hair, but hair on head seems to be slower. I’d say I have 50-60% hair regrowth on head. I don’t know anyone personally with alopecia and curious what your experience had been when beginning the medication earlier on...


Hi Steve 

that’s great news you must be delighted.  I also have Tofacitinib fromBeacons Nd would like to begin taking it.  However I beed have the conversation with my GP and am worried he will say no. Is tie GP monitoring your blood ? 

thanks  fir your help ! 

Hi Steve, I am from London. Just started taking this medication 5mg once daily but it’s costing me a fortune!! Want to order from the same place you do. How do I do this? All help and advice gratefully received. Kind regards Vicki



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