Hi wiggers, I need your expertise!

Although my hair has grown back quite well since March 2013 (much thicker and curlier than it was before it fell out in Sept 2012) I still have the ophiasis pattern of big bald patches at the nape of my neck, and a small bald patch at my front hairline. While my hair is still above chin length this is not a problem as the hair falls to cover the patches. But I really, really miss having long hair -- I always used to have it long, and used to love putting it up in braids and beautiful, complex up-styles for special occasions and costumes. I am really into historical costumes and vintage style.

So I am interested in long full-lace wigs. I would be ordering a custom one to fit my head, straight from a Chinese manufacturer. But how realistic do they look? Especially when you style them in up-dos? Do they start peeling off your skin around the edges? If so, how long does it usually take before they start peeling? Is thin skin perimeter better, or is lace better? What are the main differences in terms of wear, regular use, etc.? Is Swiss lace or French lace better? Do you need to trim the lace really really close to the wig's hairline to make it look realistic? Do you need to cover it all up and blend it in with lots of makeup?

Thank you for your advice!

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Please check out the www.wigsupport.com site. The ladies there have the answers to your questions already posted in detail.

So far I haven't been able to access that website, but I'll keep trying. Thanks!



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