For those of you who take a statin like I do, you might want to ask doctor to switch to Zocor/Zetia combo known as Vytorin. You may want to ask doctor to write a prescription for generic Zocor/Zetia so insurance covers it. Not all will cover Vytorin.  Link below for info or Google Vytorin for alopecia.

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Have you had any results using simvastatin? I am on it for my high cholesterol. I have seen info about it online within the last week. I actually started taking it again. I was switched to lipator last year due to a life change it diet and exercise. So now I am taking the 20 mgs again to see if it helps. I am trying it for 3 months to see if I get some results. I am currently using Anthralin and Clobetasol. The steroid injections had little results.

Look forward to your reply.



I was on it for about a year and no results and too many side effects so went back to Lipitor for cholesterol.

Hi  - I am thinking about trying Vytorin and Anthralin. What was your experience with these?

I have been taking this combination off-label for about four years to specifically treat my alopecia. My cholesterol is slightly elevated, but wouldn't justify medication without the alopecia component.

It took about eight months to even start working, but I did recover completely from AT (and partial beard loss) over a span of roughly 16 months total. Then, after approximately ten months of life with all my hair, the alopecia came back and now I am perhaps 75% of the way back to AT. 

If I look at the timeline, the statins worked only when I was also eating very clean (basically the AIP diet). When my hair came back, I got complacent and started to slack on the eating... not to a terrible diet, but I reintroduced things that I knew affected my digestion. Dairy, gluten, and more than distantly occasional alcohol.

I am back on statins now, and my diet is very clean again. We'll see what happens. I have experienced no bloodwork anomalies, and only occasional mild (3/10) stomach discomfort on the drugs. The drugs are very cheap, and clearly worked for me along with a clean diet. 

I am very interested to hear this. My 16-year-old daughter started losing her hair in massive amounts on December 27. She is now missing here elsewhere on her  body And continues to actively loose from her scalp.  We are devastated and are desperately seeking answers. I have read about the use of Vytorin for alopecia areata and some people seem to think it’s a good idea. However, there can be some long-term side effects.  The data just are not there and it is really frustrating.  On the other hand, we have more long-term safety data on this drug than xeljanz for example 

Didn't work for me and side efffects were a bummer.

What does were you on?

I really don't recall it has been a while. Was on it for over a year though and no results.



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