Hi All,

Here are my results after 9 months.

Notice, virtually no results until about 5 months

Note that I kept buzzing my head the entire time, hence no growth in length, just filling in.


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That’s amazing cocopuffz! I do believe diet is a big part of why alopecia occurs ! If only they did research on what causes alopecia ( why and how t-cells attack ) rather then how to treat it. But am not going to complain as having a treatment is life saving for people who have this disease!

Thanks for the vitamin list I will try adding some.

best of luck with the natural root mate !

kind regards 

Thanks! The book I follow has an in depth explanation on why autoimmune diseases happen and have numerous decades of success stories on the matter. I believe 100% it is diet, especially from my two experiences in diets and how they have been the only thing to improve my condition. I have dealt with many doctors and have had no improvement through their methods. I personally just don’t want to do the drug method as it is not fixing the cause, only treating the symptoms. But I understand that is not the route for everyone. Tofac has a lot of success behind it and I wish everyone good luck! 

So Glad for you Cocopuffz17!

Keep us posted!

For me I did extremely strict Autoimmune Protocal diet for 8 months.

Lectin free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free, you name it, but diet was no help for me (however i did lose about 15 lbs so that was nice)

But I do know of ppl who have cured progressing AA with strict diet or with vit D therapy.

Keep us posted on your progress!


I’m curious to know what you ate during your diet? I thought mine was good and I learned from this book that a majority of the things I still ate were part of the problem! Yes, I use a fair amount of supplements. Which are helping. But as you know the regrowth and repigmentation is a slow patient process. 

Yes cocopuffz what was your book you followed??

I may try it for when I try to wean down my doseage!

I always wondered if i was still eating some things that werent good for my condition.

Can you post that book plz mate ? Will look into it ?

https://www.alopeciaworld.com/forum/topics/aa-for-3-4-years-partial...   It’s in my post. I will update it when I get back from my snowboarding trip 

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Hi Singh

Great news, pleased to see your progress. Are you being monitored by a dermatologist?


Hi Natialie, thank you ! And yes I am being monitored by a dermatologist.

How are you getting on ? 

Most posts I have read say they can see something in like 2 months. I have been taking it for 2 1/2 months and see nothing. actually it has gotten worse. now I am losing eyebrows and nothing on legs and arms.  I was ready to give up but maybe I'll try another month or so... did you have any side effects?  

Jc as far as I understand it. Those hairs were already attacked before you took the drug and were going to fall out either way. But from all the pictures/results I’ve seen it takes awhile. Patience is key. 





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