HI Guys,

I'm on Generic Tofacitinib from Bengladesh.

On Aug 10, I increased doseage from 10 mg to 15 mg per day.

I started March 1, with not one hair on my head. no eyebrows very few lashes.

Here is my pic today as compared next to 4 weeks ago.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Baseline March 1:

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HI Yp!

So they are super reputable company to work with.
Ive had a great experience 3 times now.

I would love to hear if anyone else has tested it?
I know a few ppl had planned to.

I can send you a pic of my lab report too.

There is someone else who was just ordering to canada.
I will look thru my past discussions and hopefully can connect you guys so he can keep you posted when he receives his.

Ive ordered up to 180 pill each time.
I plan to order 240 pills for my next order.
Im trying to stock pile!

My insurance here is states is currently denying my coverage.
However my doc at columbia is appealing it now and had won the appeal for me a few months ago and then i lost my insurance so its all having to happen again on my new insurance. furstrating really hoping it goes thru soon, but so so thankful I can get it from beacon.

keep me posted

Awesome! thanks again! your progress looks amazing btw, hope it continues :).

I did see your lab reports on another thread. Hoping some others have tested as well...

Hi Nicole do you need a doctors prescription to get the tablets?


Beacon does not ask for a prescription 

hello, my daughter is 24. she lost all of her hair/ became universalis at the age of 15. no growth in between. she enrolled in a trial with a JAK 2 inhibitor this past January through University of Rochester (national study). by this past june she had 90+% regrowth. she had about 1 1/2m -2 inches of hair on her head, eyelashes and brows. in july the study ended and the drug was pulled. by September she lost just about all of her hair after being off for the drug 4 weeks. (she seemed to handle it okay although of course disappointed). her dermatologist fought to keep her on it but no chance. now she's been fighting Excellus to get xeljanz. so far 2 denials and 2 appeals now pending a 3rd party judgment.

she too had to go for blood tests every ?2 or ?4 weeks. had no side effects  (?maybe a little weight gain?)

the good news is that she could grow hair. the bad news is that the drug only works while you"re taking it.it gives her/us hope at least.

for those that are new to alopecia it's not the end of the world and there is hope for a cure or treatment it seems?

have a nice day!

does she know what trial she was on? 

hello sorry for your daughter i ordered as nicol t a beacon pharmacy 125 bucks this is a generic with off continent fees for 60 tablet. the customs did not confiscate them I received the order about 2 weeks, or otherwise there is istanbul, xeljanz is what I have done since March I am on xeljanz of istambul, I did not start the generic because I still have xeljanz from istambul i have to pay it 425 dollars it seems to me that the price has dropped due to turkish lira which dropped

yes there are two people who stopped they lost their hair and he started again it has to push back, I think I have the key to have growth remains I am French and I participated in a clinical trial Interleukin 2 low dose he puts the immune system back in place but I had only slight regrowth so he did not fall for more than a year so I decided to move to xeljanz to have a complete regrowth. so i will see when i have a complete regrowth ask my dermatologist to make a new interleukin 2 a weak it's a new french discovery the clinical trial must be finished

I must be the only one in the world who has been on Interleukin 2 and so passed to Xeljanz who are promising new treatment. Look on the internet. Interleukin 2 Professor Passeron He's the one who discovered this way of treating the alopecia areata

Hi Kevin,

There is a company trying to productize that method.


They do have trial ongoing.


ruxolitinib has more side effects I think. what do you like side effects?

HI Edith,
No. Thankfully no side effects for me!



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