Tofacib - commerically available topical xeljanz Tofacitinib cream

this was mentioned in another thread here, but I thought it might warrant it's own thread. 

has anyone tried Tofacib cream? it is advertised as a 2% Tofacitinib cream for treating AA. It is currently being sold out of China for "research purposes" and as such not requiring a prescription. No price listed on website though in another thread here I saw $375 for 50mg mentioned.

Some cursory google research seems to show mydeox started posting things about Tofacib onto social media about 4 weeks ago, though I don't know how long the product has been available for order. 

Their website indicates a 24 week treatment period, but of course the number of jars required for that course varies depending on how much area needs application. I have an email in to them for some additional details, will update. 

If anyone else knows anything more please update in this thread!

vendor site:

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here's what I got from my sales information request:

Tofacib about a month is available for order. For 10% of scalp 1-2 jar I think should be enough for 24 weeks. 
We do not conduct research, but we are solely engaged in the production of ointment (for research use only), all research can be found in public access, soon there will be even more.

The price of 1 jar (50g) of TOFACIB 2% - 375 $
The cost of delivery is 50 $ (including insurance)
SPECIAL OFFER! When ordering from 3 JARS - the delivery is FREE!
Do you have any questions about TOFACIB?
Check the answers on our website -
As soon as your request is processed, you will receive INVOICE with payment details for payment through Western Union( to China Preferential tariffs).
Alos you can pay BITCOIN/Ethereum - Choice which one you prefer.
*We don’t accept PayPal/visa/master card. But you can use it to buy BITCOINS/Ethereum.

Do you want to place an order? Give us:
1) Scope of order; (how many jars?)
2) Your Name and Surname
3) Shipping address
4) Your contact telephone number.
5) Payment method

After the payment, your order shall days be assembled within 1-2 business day and send by courier company to the address specified in the request. Each dispatch shall be assigned with a unique number, which may be used to trace the dispatch. Average delivery term is 5 to 12 days.
Delivery Guarantee
We guarantee safety and integrity of delivery to our clients! In case a parcel:
Is lost, arrested, requires custom clearance or under any other circumstances which may prevent our customer from receiving the prepaid drugs by our customer.
Your order shall be resend completely at our expense!

A foreign company with nothing to back up its legitimacy seems a scary prospect as a place to order any kind of medicine from. How could you be sure it was genuinely Tofacitinib?

Not surprisingly the website is gone and they have gone silent 




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