I have very pretty friends, objectively. 

Notably, they all have very long, thick, shiny hair. It's like a defining feature they have. 

I am always the ugly friend. Always. I can look alright, but all I am ever seen as is the ugly bald friend who looks sick. People always act weird around me because I look different and they don't know what's wrong with me. It usually doesn't bother me but now it does. 

Having hair makes such an insane difference. It's like because I don't have hair, all other physical flaws I have are emphasized. I have to work extra hard to look like a girl and it pisses me off. 

I wish I could be the normal pretty friend for once. 

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First of all, there is not doubt that you are beautiful inside as well as out. The issue is with others and being bald can be like walking up a mountain day in and day out. My daughter who lost all of her hair in 4 months. We realized that society is not knowledgeable about alopecia and have no idea of what it is or how to address it. She choose not to walk up this mountain everyday and this is what took me to China to understand human hair wigs and what is best for those with medical hair loss. Find my write up on this journey. I am now much wiser and can provide the best quality hair pieces that have made her life that much easier. I now feel very empowered and not being taken advantage of. Knowledge is power and this journey of learning about wigs has helped me to accept her condition and has made her life a whole lot easier. I would be glad to give you all the tips you need if you decide that wigs are in your future. Either way never doubt your inner beauty because if you do others will too. You can always friend me and I will answer all questions for you and give you any guidance you desire. 

I feel the same way! As people stare in public or when you’re out with your friends, it’s hard to be the confident person we are supposed to be. One thing I know is there are so many people out there that think you are beautiful and I know it’s used over and over again but bald is beautiful and you should stay confident and rock it! 

Dear Cue Ball, I totally agree with Alo-mom.  Hair or not I know you are the "normal pretty friend".  And the moderators may slap my hand on this one but... My wife and I have been together for 17 years, she's been bald headed for 15 years, and we've been married for 10 years.  And she can still gets me "EXCITED" (take that as you wish) with just a smile.  Pretty?  You bet she is, hair or not!

Maybe Tina Turner can do a song like "What's hair got to do with it, got to do with it..."

Oh, stop it, stop it! First, your thoughts and your attitude towards what is happening depend only on you! If you have negative thoughts, then, of course, you can not expect anything like that. Just rebuild your thoughts, think positively and only with this scenario will it become easier to live!

I agree with you completely, ever see the Pixar short "boundin'"?

I would post it if I could.. but it gave me strength when my hair fell out to get my head in the right place. Another thing that helped me is Ru Paul's quote "we're all born naked and the rest is drag" Being pretty or not is part presentation, part inner beauty, we all have limitations on the canvas we're working with.

But an aside to Cue Ball of Steel: I know that feeling, I totally get where your coming from. I'm awkward to begin with even when I had hair! But you know what I found out? Even the "pretty friend" usually feels that way, inadequate in some way. It's all just illusion and perception.





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