Hey - 

My name is MJ and Ive had AU for 2 years now. Those closest to me know that i don't have any hair, but I'm having trouble with having those outside of my close circle know about my condition. But recently I've been thinking about being more publicly open about my AU. I guess i was just looking for advice on how you told people in your life about your hair loss. I thought about just making a post of Facebook or something. But that felt odd and overly exposing. But at the same time, Im just so tired of explaining myself to people who don't know. Im tired of explaining that i don't have cancer. and i just want to be accepted for who i am. 

any and all advice would be helpful. 

Thanks, and Peace

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I sent an email to everyone at work explaining what was happening which made that part very easy.  For the rest I have just been willing to talk/educate anyone who asks. I have found that people are very curious and have a lot of questions.  I wear very different wigs which triggers questions so I don't have to raise the topic.  Good luck!

Hey Coleen. 

thanks for the tip. Work and professional aspects of my places were the areas i was most concerned about. That feels like it could work. 

appreciate it!


Hi EmJay, I completely understand how you feel but I think we put this on ourselves since I came out everyone I have met has been amazing about it. The key for me was to stop caring what other people thought of me, this freed me up to feel like if they had an issue with it then it was their issue not mine. Some days it's still tough in new places but it gets easier the more you do it xx good luck keep yr chin up and go for it!

thanks, Kathi!

I'll do my best :) 

I would like to suggest posting a picture you are proud of if you want to go the Facebook route. But instead of exposing your alopecia outright in the post. Say something along the lines of "August 1st is alopecia awareness day today..." then add whatever you want and just say if you would like to know more, and share a link!

that's a great idea, Amanda! thanks!

I didn't know the 1st was alopecia awareness day. Good to know!

The day I shaved my head (August 14, 2014), I posted a picture of me to my Facebook feed.  People knew I'd been dealing with Alopecia but Id been doing what I could to cover it up, color my hair, etc.  I got nothing but positive responses from everyone.  

MJ... that is crazy! bc my name is also MJ, and i shaved my head August 14th, 2015! what are the odds?!

that was very brave of you to do right off the bat. I hope that i can muster up the same strength that you did!

The day before shaving my head the first time, someone took a picture of me from the side.  I looked at it and just decided I'd be better off just shaving it.  Now, I rarely shave my head, as it just doesn't grow at all.

And yes, that's crazy coincidental!

I've had Alopecia universalis for 41 years. I was in the army when it happened . Back then you were not allowed to shave your head bald. On weekend I went and bought a wig. After some time looking in the mirror I realized it wouldn't fool anyone. So I ended up throwing it away. For the next three years I was called out and screamed at by people of superior rank. Every day. By the end of that three years when my service was over and I got out my nerves were so frayed it took me years to get myself together. After the army I tried to drink it away but couldn't. After I was very near death I was put in treatment and have been sober for 26 years. I finally have come to accept myself. It's not my choice but it's is what it is. I don't get as many questions now as I did when I was younger. But. I've accepted myself for who I am. And it really matters very little what anyone else thinks. The people who love me don't care so why worry about anyone else.



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