Hello all,


I was hoping someone with a bit more experience of freedom wigs could give me some reassurance that the things I am experiencing with my freedom wig at the moment are normal!


I started wearing my first ever Freedom Wig at the end of November and still seem to be having a few problems –


1) I often find that, having put it on correctly in the morning and getting rid of all the air bubbles that by lunchtime I do have some air inside it. Particularly where the crown of my head is, I always get an air bubble there.


2) I often find that that ‘wings’ i.e. the non-suction bits by your ears get quite gapping and loose. Even if I bend them in slightly then never hold perfectly to my sink like the rest of it does.


3) I was told to was my hair just once a week and I do want to make it last as long as possible. However, I live in Central London and am on and off the underground etc everyday so it gets quite dirty. Would washing it more often, even once every 5 days be bad for it?


4) My freedom hair is long and get quite knotted. Is this normal…I’ve forgotten what it was like to have my own long hair! And how s it best to de-tangle?


I know this is loads of questions but I’d really appreciate it if someone can give me advice.


Thanks to all of you and hope you are all having a great weekend!


Kate x

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Hi Kate,
You are going to get many answers and advice. So for now I can give you some of my personal experiences with the wig.
I only received it last May and hardly wear it due to the heat.
I got mine through Martine from www. freedom wigs.com.au.Martine knows everything about the wig, yet I do know a little.
I know that I have to shave as I do not have Alopecia Totalis anymore, which makes it difficult.
Meaning, by the time I returned to the USA after a 20 hour flight, my suction was gone due to the short regrowth.
When it's just shaven...it also takes a little time to get the air bubbles out and It never works all of the time.So I think over time it might get better as we learn to move it into the right position. Also...the problem with knotting is a common problem. I used my fingers ever so carefully to separate the hairs, then the comb or brush.
Maybe someone else has a better way.
I don't know if this is the same for everyone, as the hair may be thicker.(GOOD QUESTION)
My hair is beautiful, yet I would love a real thick strand, if ever I were to get another.
Although seeing I'm not wearing it right now, as I mentioned, in the heat it slides right off and Martine usually just gives it a quick wipe and puts it back on.All that experience I haven't got!
Washing and Brushing as if it were your own hair is a no no!
Unless you are financially set and able to own more than one.
So I personally think it could be a little harsh...yet gently do so if need be.
I couldn't stand not being able to wash it often, as it would get smelly to my liking.
When I had some regrowth, I would wash my own hair every time I shower...twice a day!
Also you are right about the wings...they too bother me.They do bend in a bit yet still have some gaping.
I think about it this way...I might be too critical expecting it to be like my own hair or scalp. Although it does feel like the closest thing to skin when it suctions well, "RIGHT". So I have to understand this and look at this way...it's not full proof, and there are some tiny issues to deal with, and for most part those are quite normal with the prosthesis.
It's way better in my opinion than any wig that sits on the scalp or hair, feeling a horrid pressure. Just as a scarf is the same uncomfortable pressure for me.
I love the freedom wig, because it suctions so well when the weather is cool...and yes, we do produce body heat which is a problem. We are going to have to deal with it if we want this fine wig. A small price to pay! After all, it wont come off in the wind, and it looks fantastic. When we get comfortable, we can even learn to do the "FLIP"
However, we should not sleep in it, or really swim in it unless you have two...using one for swimming. As the chlorine destroys the hair. Also the mare fact that it is made to our own head, not having anything in our neck. Molded to our scull and leaving plenty room for specs is something we can't get with other wigs. Well I'm no expert on other wigs as I haven't had a lace or other made to measure normal hair wig.I'm no authority by no means. Yet I know what feels the best.
Now...I know this wasn't the questions you asked entirely, as I added a little extra of my own ideas about nothing relevant to your question.
So...on another note, I am not wearing it right now and I do walk "BALD" as I will not conform or feel uncomfortable due to other peoples insecurity and discomfort in my presence.
I get the stares, and it does not all together bother me...as I think it's their problem...not mine!
Society has some learning ahead of them, seeing we come by the "MiLLiONS"
The only problem is...that most Alopecian's have head covering.
We need to stop enabling the opinions, judgments and free ourselves.
It is our God given right to live in freedom.
If not in Freedom...then in a Freedom Wig...Until Another Day!
Susan is right about the suction and Bubbles....I just hope that mine will eventually find it's way,
If not, then I will make do, as it's not to much of a problem.
It is so true...we all have such different sculls.
Hi Kate,

There is a group here on AW called "People Who Have Freedom Wigs or are considering getting one". I think the people in that group can be very helpful with questions about Freedom wigs.


I'm very experienced with Freedom Wigs. My daughter has worn them for 7 years and I help people in NZ with their Freedom hairpieces.

I'll try to help here, but I would suggest you go back to your Agency owner (who Freedom supplies - is that Sue from Positively Hair??) and talk to them about your concerns. It is very important that they understand you are having problems, then she will be able to help.

1. From reading your description of what is happening I would suggest that you may be putting your hairpiece on just slightly too far forward. What happens when you do this is that you get a very tight feeling around the front of your head (which you may be mistaking for suction), an air bubble forms on the crown as the day proceeds as the hairpiece bounces back to the shape it has been made in (your head shape). When you pop it on a little forward you are actually stretching it on a little and it just doesn't stay put unless it is in the right place. It is easy to get this wrong and feel that it doesn't feel right unless it is wrong. The suction fit is very comfortable and you can hardly feel it. This can be off putting for new wearers as they don't fully trust that the hairpiece will stay put. Go and see Positively hair and discuss this with Sue, she will be able to help with this. :)

2. The earflaps(wings) would do this if the hairpiece was a little forward as well. So once that is sorted it will not happen. :)

3. Wash your hair when it needs to be washed using a good quality shampoo and conditioner - if that is more often than once a week, then just do it as your hair will be far easier to look after clean and shiny. Also make sure you are washing the cap out every single time you wear it. If you don't do this it will also cause problems with the vacuum fit.

4. My daughter wears long freedom hairpieces and her's does not become extremely knotty unless she is wearing a scarf etc. and has her hair out (Could that be the problem?). My daughters natural growing hair also use to knot when she wore scarfs. If this is the case just pop your hair in a ponytail on those days where you are trying to keep yourself cosy. :)

If you would like to ask me any further questions feel free to do so. Also as Thea has suggested pop into the group she has on her post.

Hope this helps.

Wow, ladies, thanks so much for the help. I think I am doing exactly what you say, Rosy, and putting it on too far forward - it feels like it is gripped on which is reassuring but then the bubbles arrives so I am sure I do not have the suction correctly. It was Sue that I got my hair from and she was very helpful indeed but I did not start wearing my Freedom wig immediately after I received it and so I think I had forgotten her tips but you have reminded me again. Thank you.

As for my knotted hair, yes Rosy, it is when I am wearing scarves etc which seems to be all the time at the moment in a frosty London! I wear my hair down all the time as I absolutely love how it looks but will start tying it back for the walk in to work!

It seems like it will take quite a bit of practice to get this perfectly right but I am in high spirits and convinced I will get there eventually. They are fantastic wigs and even without getting the suction right I am still loving the feeling of it on my head rather than my old synthetic wigs.

Sorry to hear Susan that they did not work out for you but you look great in your photo so whatever you are wearing now certainly works!

Thanks for all the advice.
Kate x
Hi Kate

I think Sue at Pos. Hair is lovely as well. Just give her a ring and she will help you through all of this.

Good luck with everything.

Yes, Sue is really nice - she makes it so easy to be there getting the casts done right through to cutting your hair. She has been great. I will let Sue know I've had a few problems but I think with practice and your advice I will get better...

I went home from work last night and practiced quite a lot and I think that today (for the first time!) I actually have it on correctly. The wig is further back than I have usually been putting it and my earflaps are not loose and there is no bubble...it feels very light indeed! I guess with time the more i practice the easier it will get!

Thanks again Kx





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