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my bf doesnt have aa and i do and it's hard to tell him how i feel sometimes i dont want to push him away but i dont know how to explain it to him
yeah its hard and he will never really under stand how u feel . but he does know and accepts it thats a really good start x
Hi Kay Kay

I have a teenage daughter. She has had AA in various forms for the last six year (since she was 12 years old). Because she has always been reasonably open about her alopecia all her boyfriends have known about the condition before she went out with them. With some of her boyfriends (they were short-term),she never really discussed things with them in any great depth. She currently has a more serious relationship with a nice young man and this is also an issue for her. As a family we now see this young man on a regular basis, our family is open in conversations and have had the opportunity to bring it up in a climate of acceptance where it is talked about openly, this has helped my daughter have more opportunities to discuss her condition openly which has made more private conversations a little easier for her to have with this boyfriend. I'm not saying that we talk about this all the time, but sometimes it does come up over dinner together etc. Families can help with this type of thing (I mean to break the ice on the subject).

Hope that helps a little.

Hi Kay Kay,
My last relationship was over a year ago. I haven't been talking to any guys because of the fear of what they would say about my AU. My ex-boyfriend for some reason accepted me for who i really am and I love him for that ( we're still friends). Teenagers or other young adults who don't have alopecia may never understand the insecurities we have with the issue. I'm 3 weeks away from turning 20 and just this past November I finally got the courage to post a note on facebook with pics of me with no wig, no drawn on eyebrows, or fake i'm saying this to say that even though we may be comfortable with the hand we have be dealt, some people just don't know how to handle it...
Oh ladies, you will be fine try and not worry about it, when the moment comes to tell hopefully they love you and they will accept it. But if your the type of person that worries about this daily, maybe even hourly. I hope your not lossing sleep over pondering the outcome. Do yourself a favor and tell your boyfriend. The worrying will stop if he accepts it; however, if he doesn't accept it. He`s dumb its like saying I don't want to be with you because you have no breasts, or your nose is to big, or have acne. Its vain and wrong and not mature.

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