Teen With Alopecia Had Her Mom Paint Her Bald Head For Her Senior Photo Shoot

"Madisyn Babcock was diagnosed with alopecia areata earlier this year and soon after, her hair began falling out. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out in small, random patches. But Babcock decided to spread awareness about the disease by putting her bald head on display in a photo shoot."

"Not only did she bravely stand in front of the camera without any hair for her high school senior photo shoot, but she also had her artist mother paint flowers on her scalp to draw even more attention to her head—making a bold and beautiful statement."

You can read more and see more of the photos here.

I think it is beautiful.  What do you think?

Source:  Simplemost.com

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Hi Ladies,

It's so nice to realise that there is a community out there in a similar situation!  you ladies are wonderful and such an inspiration!    My alopecia aureata  started 12 years ago and has always regrown after a series of treatments - and occassionally been in remission for a couple of years. 

However, 2017 was a shocking year .... being self employed was politically challenging ( I live in South Africa), I had health issues, did a great deal of international travelling, moved home and  ended up closing down the greater portion of my business in order to survive the troubleD times......  and crikey - does my lack of hair hair show it!  and it's still coming out ... 

I make no bones about the hairloss -  I'll discuss it with anyone whose interested.   And  I've decided to turn wearing hats and turbans into a statement.  A smart Panama looks good with a business outfit, a straw trilby looks great on the beach and doesn't blow off, a "bush" hat works for gardening and isn't too hot (summer at the moment) and headscarves and turbans can be twisted into all sorts of head gear.  And any visible patches get "coloured in" with a brown eyebrow pencil!

Perhaps my wig stage is still coming?  I keep reminding myself it's only hair, not me. 

hi penny... yes there is so much support in this small community of ours, that i think is actually quite large throughout the world.  have your heard of the medical medium.  he has several books out/Anthony William is the author.  I would recommend you purchase a book that was released recently... thyroid healing.  which is about more than the thyroid.  since you have alopecia areata i believe doing his protocol would be very helpful  i have scarring alopecia along with thyroid nodules and started it about 1 month ago.  i do feel that it is helpful and hoping to heal or shrink those nodules and also i dont get that gnawing feeling on my scalp, but i am also avoiding certain foods, which can also cause issues.

love your hat choices and i'm sure you look great in all of them.  i am in Canada and our hats are needed for warmth.... presently -12 degrees celsius.  terribly cold.   i wish i could wear hats.  i just don't like them on me.  which is frustating since it would be great to just through a hat on and feel comfortable knowing that my hair/or lack of it, is hidden.    all the best...

Hi Penny.

Lovely to hear from you and learn about your ‘ journey’ with Alopecia.    Isn’t it wonderful that we can come together here from all corners of the world and share our experiences.

We are all dealing with a heart- breaking condition which tests us daily and makes us stronger in equal measures.    Let’s hope that future research will help to eradicate Alopecia in all its forms.

I took part in a clinical research which was happening in a lab in a London hospital.  This contribution was by questionnaire and blood tests.   Anything to help find the causes.

wig wearing is second nature to me now (18 months ) but there are times when I long to style my own hair or even be able to visit the hairdresser.

My thoughts are with children or young adults who are affected by Alopecia.    It can have cruel consequences and cause depressive problems.    Support is essential.

kind regards


Love your attitude Penny!  Way to go!

I posted this on my Fuller Hair Inc Facebook page a couple of months ago I was so struck by it!  She is SO strong and beautiful!!  Congratulations Madisyn!

Congratulations on your graduation, Madisyn. Being "bold and beautiful" takes some "guts" and is certainly something to be really proud of. Kudos to you (and your Mom) for celebrating what makes you so unique.  Your future is so bright, I am certain that we will continue to hear great stories of your accomplishments as you enter college and blaze your trail. I am always looking for people to sample my beauty products, and share their results, so feel free to reach out to me if you are interested. 

E. Lisa Brambilla, Founder and Creator of SurvivorEyes  


Absolutely beautiful!!!

You are beautifull!

So beautiful. I lost my hair 3 months after I took my senior photo. I graduated with barely any hair, and didn’t have the opportunity to wear a wig till 3 months after. I would have done this if I didn’t have any hair at the time. Beautiful and going to stick with this beautiful girl forever. So much support and love sent your way. 

Yes, Why Not, It looks amazing. but only temporary art. In real life she may feel embarrassing due to baldness. She is not such kind of women who is suffering from hair loss, there are lots & lots of women having same problem of hair loss. 

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WOW!  Gorgeous young lady!

Proud to live with such people on this planet! I've actually made a similar thing. When my child was heavily ill and was playing lots of games from this rating https://www.tldevtech.com/best-new-android-games/, I've asked about his favorite one. The next day I came to the tattoo master and made an icon tattoo at my arm. My son was excited as never before!

Thank you for this story, my respect for miss Babcock! 



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