When I'm with my boyfriend, I'm pretty much in my wig 24/7 and tape that thing down so well.  When I'm active (so maybe heat induces), there is a gross chemical odor from the tape.  Does anyone else have this problem or, better, a solution?  


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Hello eleven11,

I always encourage wig wearers if at all possible use something else to "hold " your wig in place. Here is the solution, plus it's washable https://beautifulhairproducts.com/collections/wigs/products/wig-gri....
It works, and it's comfortable.
Hope this helps.
Never dealt with 'smelly' tape. Could it be the brand? I use Walkers double sided tape from 3-M that I buy online from a place in Vegas.

I (personally) like the sew in silicone to grip the front of my wigs. It used to be called Derma something, and the shaped pieces are only available on Lori's wigsite. $12 for front only, or $65 for whole head. Jon Reneau has some silicone sheets ($50 for an 8 x 10 or so) that you can cut yourself to size.

I only mention this because the Wigrip does not fit my elongated head and slides up in the back. If they fit, they work quite well.

Hey, I bought those from Lori's and discovered, after I'd sewn them in discovered that I bought the kind that is poly on one side and silicone on the other (I think?) and tape/glue sticks to poly, but the silicone is supposed to stick to your bare scalp. 

Apparently I reversed one of them and couldn't understand why it wouldn't stick, so hopefully someone else can save time sewing before they discover that feature.  :-)

Also relative to that - if you use the silicone to stick to your head, apparently you need a snug fit for it to work well.  I'm a little late to the party on some of this basic info, it turns out - ha!  At that time I also discovered I have a freakishly small head. 

I use that same tape supplier and think they have quality products.  

Like you, all WiGrip does is slide up my head and let my hair fall off...  

Have you considered a water soluble adhesive to attach your wig rather than tape?  

There are daily application water soluble adhesives that might work well for you like Tensive Gel, It Stays, and Gotta Be Glued.  You can likely find them all on Amazon. Got to Be Glued is sold in most grocery stores, pharmacies, Target,  and Walmart.  They can be easily removed daily with water. You might want to experiment with each one to see which provides you with the most secure hold.

You might also want to have an elastic band sewn into your wig to provide even more of a grip. There are also Wig Grips like StarShemya and Hagster mentioned but they don't work for everyone.  Clips are another good option but they can take some getting used to and need to be moved regularly to avoid traction alopecia.

Hope that helps.  You'll find a method that works well for you with some experimenting. :-) 


This happened to me for the first time last summer, out of the blue.  I'd been wearing the same style/brand and then one day out of the blue I sprouted an obscene odor on the top of my head.  Had no idea what happened, but it was hideous.  

Obviously I peeled that off, washed the hair (then washed it again when I thought I caught a whiff) washed my head and did a tea tree oil treatment on my scalp, because that was about the same time the tape that had been living happily on my scalp for extended periods seemed to quit working and started turning to mush in just a few days.  My scalp was acting weird at the time (it was in the heat of summer), seemed more gummy and greasy than usual, and the tea tree seemed to calm down the oil/sebum. 

Now that I think about it, I wonder if I might have gotten a bad order of tape, or maybe I ordered from a company that sent some kind of cheaper product instead of an authentic brand?

Switched to the Walker tape with the holes in it ordered from a reputable supplier and haven't had any issues since, except for the one time I was in a hurry and accidentally used some old Topstick and left it on way too long and it went a little funky (but anything would have gone funky as long as I'd left it on - was sick for a week or so).

It must have been some kind of weird chemical reaction between scalp chemicals and tape chemicals...  Plus everything you eat comes out your skin, so maybe something exited via the top of my head?  :-)





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