I have a 10 year old daughter with Alopecia universalis who started wearing freedom wig in January. Usually during the summer she goes to camp and is swimming every day. Does anyone have any experience with wearing freedom wigs to go swimming? Am I asking for trouble to consider having her wear this in. Pool every day?

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I have a freedom wig which I used to wear. I swam in it and I even surfed in it but to be honest I was never comfortable or relaxed. I didn't feel secure putting my head under water and certainly not diving in. So I wore a bandana folded to look like a band and tied it to look like a sweatband / hair band and I felt much more confident wearing it and it did stay on - even being dumped whilst surfing! But for me I have to say it was never an enjoyable experience being in water wearing it, as it was always at the forefront of my mind. I now don't wear one but I totally understand that might not be an option for your daughter. Maybe the hair and option will work - you need to make sure it covers the hairline at the back and front - and it can look pretty funky! I had a couple of Nike ones bright colours. Really hope your daughter is able to swim and feel comfortable :-)
Thanks for your input Jules! When my daughter is on vacation with us (and knows she won't see anyone she knows)she wears a nammu swim cap (swimsuit material made like a do-rag) and that works well for her. I am very hopeful that as she gets older she will grow more comfortably into herself as she is - and feel less weighted down by trying to keep this a secret. I like the idea of a bandana (or maybe a nammu swim cap) over her freedom hair. I'll be more likely to suggest this to her if we have a wig that still fits but is older and also a new one. We'll have to see what the summer brings.

while you CAN swim in your Freedom wig every day, you do have to realize that swimming in chlorinated water is very bad for human hair. Any human hair, even your own naturally growing hair. Chlorine is a bleach and it will turn blond hair green, dry your hair and in general is not a good thing for anyone. I usually recommend that anyone who wants to swim every day in chlorine invest in an inexpensive alternative. If you only want to swim in chlorine occasionally, then you can certainly swim in your Freedom piece. I suggest that you wet your hair (even if it is you own growth hair) in non-chlorinated water before going in the pool. Spray it with a good leave-in conditioner and when you come out of the pool, rinse it or your hair off in non-chlorinated water to stop the action of the chlorine bleach. It's hard for saturated hair to suck up the chlorine. That's the reason for going in with wet hair and coating it with a good conditioner.

Thanks Debbi! We do need to come up with an inexpensive alternative.

If it is important for her to swim with hair you may want to get a cheaper lace wig for that purpose.My daughter tapes hers on with super tape and dives in. We order them from qdbeauty.com

Thanks Karen! I'll look them up!

I have a Sydney Swim from the same place I think. That way I don't have to restyle my Freedom when I'm on vacation - I can just head directly to the bar while my husband is still washing and blowdrying his hair!


Oh my gosh...those are so cute! I think I might get the swim tiara thingy to wear around town for exercising and swimming. Thank you for the link!

Here's what I am talking about: http://hatswithhair.com/Swim-Wig-Tiara1.aspx

I agree with Debbie-get a cheaper version of hh wig for camp swim time and save the Freedom from such stress. I think that the Asian hair version of the Gemtress wig is "fairly" cheap, and suctions on to an AU head, and with some extra blue swim tape would be very secure for swimming- I have used it when swimming, both with and without a swim cap.She can "not worry" so much about the chlorine on the hair, if her swimming at camp is in a pool. I have really always wanted to have some hair on my head when I swim, not just a swim cap-so I use older human hair wigs, that I don't care about. I can certainly understand your daughter wanting to have hair when she is crashing about having fun in the water. The blue swim tape is a bit overly sticky to deal with but it is REALLY great stuff.

Thanks Cathy!



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