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Just want to make sure you're all aware that there is a new study with the JAK-1 (Xeljanz) happening. They are testing it in topical form (yay!).

There was a trial site in my hood, so I went and talked to them. Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the study due to a history of cancer, but the dermatologist said people on the trial are "growing hair like crazy" from it! This is GREAT NEWS for us. In a couple years, I truly believe this product will go to market and we will essentially have somewhat of a cure.

Attaching some info I got from NAAF about it and here is the website: 


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i am wondering when will this topical form be commercially available? lets say the trial enda May 2018. Donwe have to wait couple of years to have it out there being prescribed by derms?

It is already commercially available but it not covered by insurance. your derm can prescribe it to you

ATI-50002 is not yet an FDA approved drug. there's no specific timeline on development phases and it depends a lot on the results of each phase. Aclaris might be able to provide some information but probably not. 

Hope4mySON is speaking about topical xeljanz. Xeljanz is already FDA approved for use in other diseases and as such is commercially available if a person is willing to find a doctor to prescribe it off label and pay for it out of pocket

The doctor I met with said 1-2 years. This is the first phase of the trial, so there will be many more subsequent trials before it goes before the FDA for approval. It's going to be a while, but I am still hopeful!

the trial that started in january is actually phase 2


phase 1 trials are giving the treatment to healthy subjects to make sure no one grows a third arm or something. phase 2 trials are actually testing efficacy at treating the condition

but yeah I'd say 1-2 years is reasonable expectations

Thanks, chris_s! Your replies are so helpful to get us clear on what's happening. Let's keep the discussion going as things move forward. Fingers crossed for a good response to the trials.

My son is not in the trial. You can ask for it but it will cost about 200 a week

Do you have the information on the compound pharmacy? The name or phone number? And you say to specifically ask for the "xeljanz tub"? Is it a liquid or cream form?

thank you!!

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