stress...sadness worse on ppl who have alopecia... true??

from what ive been through and anyone... such as well breaking up and divorce... or anything...
what can you do to prevent stress in your life!?

my eyebrows and falling and hair too...its arhhh..:(

my hair doctor told me not to be stressed and to calm down....but how?

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hi maya :)

Here r some ways to lower your stress levels (I got this from a flier)


Sensory Nurturing such as warmth, good food, hot tub or bubble bath, finger painting

Relaxation and Imagery practices


Sleep gives your mind and body a chance to recover

Laughter,- Watch a comedy

Set priorities and learn to say 'no' to reduce the sense of being overwhelmed

Music,dance or other expensive, creative activity

Assertive training- When we can't assert ourselves, needs go unmet,feels get hurt, and stress rises

Reward yourself for work accomplished

Express your emotions to a friend or beloved one--bottled up feelings are a ticket to increased baseline stress.

Avoid using drugs to lower your stress, since they can lead to other problems and limit your opportunity to grow and learn new skills.
Thank you so much for helping... :) Eeee sorry if i sounded silly or too dramatic...

I will be doing exercising might help right? I sing? I do dance as well so it'll help.

I cant just talk to someone i love cause they get angry and annoyed and they dont want to listen they think im silly and "get over it" so i explode and tell them that " you dont know how it feels..!!" I go mad... and ofcourse i get really sucks...

My mum has this thick curly hair she sometimes says a remark so i tell her.."why dont you shave your hair bald and see how it feels"!

I know it sounds mean but really some subjects are so sensitive and so stupid for me....

Im not strong i just sometimes act like it but really omg!!

My old business college which i studied a business diploma, called me for me to work for them :) so it will be my distraction plus im working now with my father.. my father is the only one who gets that sometimes i just crash and burn....

here theres no support...Im now in the middle east in here its crap... :(

people here are obsessed with theres looks...omg.!! australia gold coast was better at least....
Maya, I feel better about everything if I like the way I look. That usually means wearing a pretty hat or wig. I've also been experimenting with different makeup for my eyebrows, and am starting to like the way they look. I tried temporary eyebrow tattoos, stencils as well as numerous brow powders and pencils.

Anyway, that's what helps me. I hope you get some stress relief soon.



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