I guess my question is, does everyone use steroids to induce the hair regrowth? It seems to be the mainstreams doctors solution for everything. I am curious to know if anyone has experienced hair regrowth without the use of steroids?

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Kristin, (Awesome name!!!)

I've tried the steroids and nothing really happened.. except I gained weight from them! I've heard they work for other people.. But unfortunately, not me. I did get regrowth from my doctor doing the injections in my scalp. But my hair fell back out about a year later. I also lost my eyebrows and eyelashes and I haven't done anything to help regrow my hair in about 3 years but it does come and go in small patches and my eyelashes and eyebrows are somewhat coming in.. although they are VERY blond.........therefore, lots of mascara and eyebrow coloring!!!! haha

Best of luck,
ugh! I hate prednisone!!! HATE HATE! I haven't taken it for alopecia (i refused) because i have taken it in the past for other things...and i already knew all of the terrible side effects. And, i have regrowth. tons of regrowth! On my head, not my eyebrows or eyelashes (boo). I decided against all of the treatments offered to me because there wasn't a significant chance any of them would help - and there was a high chance the hair would fall out again once treatment was stopped. i figured it was more traumatic to loose my hair twice than just once. And, like I said...my hair is growing back in.

In theory - steroids would work. Using an immunosuppressant (cortico-steroid AKA prednisone) would work by knocking down your immune system so that it can't attack your body (ie your hair). The doctors do have a reason for using steroids to treat autoimmune conditions...but the steroids themselves have some pretty nasty side-effects. I figured that i would just wait it out and see what happened because for me, the side-effects outweighed the benefits.
i ate steriods a lot .... my doc gaveme steriods a lot ... i was just areata then .. after the use of them ... i became universalis ....... what should i explain more ???? .... it covers whole story ... how friendly they are
Hi Krisitn,
I'm currently taking prednisone. I was talked into it by my doctors (after saying "no, thank you" twice) and though I'm seeing regrowth, the side effects are, for me, not worth it. The doctors just see a person who wants their hair back, but they're not thinking about the entire body and quality of life, or they assume perhaps the side effects won't be so extreme because it's short term. Wrong. At least for me. Everyone has to decide for themselves, but I regret my decision to try steroids.
Hope that helps.
I see the derm on Wed for the first time. Right now I have about 70% of my hair still but it is still coming out. I know that there is no way in hell I will take Prednisone ever again. I have Chron's disease and have been on the horrid drug before. I swear it is the most evil drug out there. I makes me psycho...crying....angry. I bet I could spin my head around on my shoulders and spew vomit when I am on that drug. I will definitely be refusing that one...the shots maybe but never ever again with I take Prednisone. I kind of agree I don't really want to go through losing my hair twice so may just let it progress on it's own without treatment. If it comes back on it's own well then that is great. I don't know if I want to put myself through helll with treatments and then encourage false hope... what is the point you know?
My son's dermatologist has had him on high doses of prednisone 3 days a month. It worked for about 9 months. His hair almost grew back all the way. Then it fell about again. The theory behind it is to supress the immune system since alopecia is an auto-immune disease. The reason it is only 3 days a month is to minimize the side effects.
As a result of stoping the prednisone are you saying you believe this is what made his hair fallback out again?
I took predinisone when my hair came out and it grew back but once the steroids stopped the hair came back out. I did gain weight but had none of the side effects that everyone else is claiming except the weight gain most of which was in my face. In all it is up to you. The injections of Kenalog did work for me as well. I have had universal for the last 1 years so now all of it does not matter because I am done with treatments... I dont want to waste my time.
Trina, I read your reply on the use of Kenalog injections so they did work for you?
My daughter has tried the sterois and unfortunatley nothing has happened
Yes when i used steroids i had regrowth and when the treatment is stopped I lost more hair... I believe that steroid weaken hair follicles..
I have heard that many have had regrowth without using a thing. So it is possible. Good luck.



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