So having a conversation with my mate the other day and he also has alopecia but he isn't choosing to start treatment with xeljanz instead has opted for stem cell treatment.. I was taking back by this and said this stem cell treatment is not available. So he gives me his dr name and number in the states so I ring them up and he confirms that it is available ! So my question is has anyone else heard about stem cell treatment that is available ? As I am quite sceptical about this ..!

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Xeljanzmiracle sounds like a Croatian washing detergent. Rather like you who tend to sanitise anything to do with "reality" ....regarding Alopecia.

I have stated many times to people like you. Show me a treatment that works. Give me it's name and the clinical trials undertaken. You are taking people for a ride with this Xeljanz. Using a drug to dampen down your immune system is not healthy

Your addiction to Croation washing detergent has blinded you to the fact that the hair  in a person with MPB has stopped growing. How can you grow hair with stem cell treat, in a person who has Alopecia?

You have to solve the underlying issue!

When you stop using the xeljanz, your hair will fall out and you will probably have other issues. That's what happen when you compromise your immnune system.

You should also stop promoting people using this drug which has not finished clinical trials and costs people thousands of pounds.

Xeljanz has ALREADY BEEN APPROVED in the USA. My doctor's prescribed it for me, I'm not getting it illegally. I'm not in a clinical trial, but many others on this site are. Dr. King will be releasing his trial results soon. And guess what they are going to prove? Xeljanz is an effective TREATMENT (not cure) for autoimmune related alopecia. The majority of us on it already know this. Our mirrors, heads, eyebrows, eyelashes, friends and families confirm it to us everyday. I get mine for FREE, and others are able to afford it with huge discounts. Our immune systems need to be "dampened down." They are in overdrive. You must not ride in a car, take a bus or fly on a plane. There are risks to everything. Xeljanz comes with warnings of side effects, like every pharmaceutical drug. People have the right to make their own choice. You don't want to try it, fine. No one is forcing you. Why don't you read how stem cell therapy works and get the answers to your questions about it. Be willing to read and research with an open mind. And stay bald if you want to. Again, that's YOUR choice. is it that you get the xeljanz free?
For all the details on getting Xeljanz for free or at a discount, please read my discussion under Symtoms and Treatments called "Xeljanz: Price Concerns? Insurance Issues..." It provides the phone number of Xelsource, Pfizer Drug company's financial assistance and support program, and also tells you how to apply for their hardship program. You and your doctor only fill out one form apiece and you also send in proof of monthly and/or yearly income. It's easy to apply.

Do you know if that treatment is available already in the Netherlands or in Belgium?

I don't think Xeljanz is available in Europe. Some people have been getting it from Turkey, which is closer than the the U.S. I also understand that you don't need a prescription in Turkey and can get it MUCH CHEAPER. Can just order it over the counter. I just found about an Alopecian with AU from Turkey today! His father is going to use his contacts in Turkey to let us know a good pharmacy to get the Xeljanz from. Will keep everyone posted when I get more details.

Perhaps I will find one of these black-hat online stores selling it. Thanks for the info. Perhaps also travel to Istanbul soon.

Be careful Alicia these online stores could be selling fakes
Dom, your comments about Croatians are racist and rude. If you continue to disparage individuals from Croatia or other countries, I'm going to report you and have you banned from Alopecia World. This is an INTERNATIONAL site, and no one's racial background or country should be ridiculed. Just STOP. You have no respect for people of different backgrounds or views from you. I'm warning you. Your racist comments are unacceptable and will not be tolerated here.
I couldn't get intouch with the Dr as the number keeps saying invalid ! But yeh looking online they use fat cells. However this is not FDA approved yet and these Doctors are doing this treatment as a off label treatment and I haven't found any trial evidence of this being successful. But there might be some evidence out there I just haven't come across it..

can you forward me any info you have via message? Thanks!

Hi Jason sorry mate been a lil busy.

This is the place that does the treatment I am going to try call them again and get the info on this treatment but your welcome to ring them
Too. If you find any useful information on this please share for the rest of us thanks.



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