Hey Everyone!! Iam new on Alopecia World.. and pretty new to the world of Alopecia.. since i Just found out I had it over a month ago.
Anyways... I was just wondering if anyone knows the statistics on it all. I mean, I search stuff on the internet and it says that Alopecia totalis and universalis are very rare. But the only things I read about regarding Alopecia.. are about people needing wigs and being totally bald. I have never really heard of someone just having acouple bald spots that grew back.
do you know what i mean?

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Hi, Meghan!

I had a few bals spots when I was about 3 years old...about the size of a quarter, a few spots around my head. They all grew back completely, and I never had to deal with the slightest bit of hair loss every again until my senior year in high school. This time around, the spots weren't so small and weren't perfect circles. They began getting bigger, and at a pretty rapid pace. Are your spots perfect circles? Do they seem to be staying the same size? If they're not getting any bigger, and you're able to cover them with your longer hair, then I wouldn't worry. I know this isn't a fact, because they still don't know what causes alopecia exactly, nor how to cure it...but I strongly feel that stress is a major cause. And what sucks, is that when you notice your hair is beginning to fall out, what can be more stressful than that? So it seems like a lost cause. But, if you can, try not to let it bother you. I think that's the best medicine. Go for a run, work out, get a massage, things that alleviate stress from your life. I think it will make a major difference. I try to do that, but I don't notice as much luck with AU. Don't get discouraged by what you're reading on the internet, though. There's always hope! Definitely a chance that you won't lose any more hair, and that the hair you have lost will grow back! I'll pray for you! Let me know how things progress. -Brittney
Thanks so much Brittney!!! I have read that because of my age there is a better change that mine may be a minor thing, and may not progress or come back. So that is comforting!!
Thanks for replying!
I only had 2 spots...one is totally grown back and the other is about an inch long. No more spots. My dr and my derm both said it was stress related. I dont want to get my hopes up real high, but I really think it was an isolated incident. so it's possible! What did you have going on in your life when this happened?



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