Just wondering if anyone else has been using squaric acid for treatment. I was using a 0.1% solution. My dermatologist prescribed this to me and for the last couple of months my hair started to regrow and the dermatologist kept saying "it's working". It also kept the scalp pain in check which was great. Because scalp pain equals hair falling out in my book. I was really excited that this might be the solution. Until 2 weeks ago when the shedding suddenly started again and it almost seemed to come back with a vengeance now. Scalp hurts again and hair falling everywhere. It's so frustrating, especially after it took so long to regrow and then it just all falls out within a few weeks. Now of course I am doubting that the squaric acid works at all. I also have a prescription for 0.25% squaric acid which I haven't used yet. Maybe I need stronger stuff to kick it to the curb. But stronger stuff also means more itching I am sure. Just wondering if anyone had any positive experience with the squaric acid and how often did you apply it? When I started out I applied it almost every day and towards the end only once a week.

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I just wanted to correct something. I just paid $88 for one bottle. Qty: 60. 0.25%. Yikes.
So has your hair grown back? I have AU and to be honest I think it is just something I am going to have to live with...I am just now hoping to find people to talk too who understand...my family is sympathetic, but they truly don't understand...of course some days I am not sure I do either =-)
by the way I am AU so if I were to use something like this I would have to cover my entire head...so I am not sure if this is something I should even look into.
Hi Andrea, I have been using squaric acid since February. My dermatologist doesn't prescribe it, I have to go into his office every 2 weeks and he does different doses depending on the reaction I had the week before. It is really itchy and most nights after I have it done I can't sleep because it's so bad. Most of my spots are completely covered so right now it's worth it to me to deal with the itching. I will say it didn't stop falling out until the last 1-2 months so it took a while for it to start working. Good luck!
Thanks Ashley. Sorry to hear about your bad itching and not being able to sleep. That sucks. Try some aloe vera for the itching, it really seems to help me. Lily of the Desert makes a good one. 99% Aloe Vera Gelly. I can find it at my local Whole Foods. http://www.lilyofthedesert.com/our_products/category/topicals/34

Good luck to you.





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