Just wondering if anyone else has been using squaric acid for treatment. I was using a 0.1% solution. My dermatologist prescribed this to me and for the last couple of months my hair started to regrow and the dermatologist kept saying "it's working". It also kept the scalp pain in check which was great. Because scalp pain equals hair falling out in my book. I was really excited that this might be the solution. Until 2 weeks ago when the shedding suddenly started again and it almost seemed to come back with a vengeance now. Scalp hurts again and hair falling everywhere. It's so frustrating, especially after it took so long to regrow and then it just all falls out within a few weeks. Now of course I am doubting that the squaric acid works at all. I also have a prescription for 0.25% squaric acid which I haven't used yet. Maybe I need stronger stuff to kick it to the curb. But stronger stuff also means more itching I am sure. Just wondering if anyone had any positive experience with the squaric acid and how often did you apply it? When I started out I applied it almost every day and towards the end only once a week.

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Hi Andrea I understand your frustration...The same happened to me ,but only it was cortizone shots on scalp. It worked for a weeks ,then came back worse than before. And after a full regrowth, it's on it's way out again.
I think patience is the way to go here I'm going to stop trying to control things Que sera ..sera:)Stay positive
Thanks Amber for your quick reply and encouraging words. :-)
That is kinda how I feel....if my immune system kicked off, maybe one day it will kick back on and my hair will grow again...my hair, not the stark white hair that grew after taking 6 months of prednisone....and now has all fallen out again....I wear a wig to work otherwise I just wear a scarf or go bald...of course I don't really go many places I do think this has turned me into a bit of a hermit and I am working on that. Good luck to you all.
Hi Andrea, My 8 yr old has been using this treatment for 2.5 yrs and she has almost all her back. Her eyelashes are the only thing that has not returned yet. She has 3 small spots that are beginning to grow hair, but you can't see them. She uses in the .01%. Her hair did grow back curly vs straight. Keep with it. How long have you been using it? Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Cindy
Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your reply to my post. I've only been using the squaric acid for 3-4 months now and was ready to give up on it but your post makes me think I should try it a little longer. Especially since your little girl has been trying it for 2.5 years and it seems to be working. That's so great that her hair is growing back. So happy for her. I am picking up my 0.25% solution at the pharmacy next week. I guess we'll have to wait and see what's gonna happen.
I have universalis and am really interested in how this treatment works and the cost. Thanks.
Marisa, it is an irritant treatment that confuses the immune system. Your body produces a rash and your scalp will be itchy. My daughter started growing her hair within in 6 months, eyebrows came a year later. She has one and half brows now and body hair. It can be uncomfortable and like every treatment it does not work for everyone for different reasons.
that is fantastic I am so happy for your little girl...she is a doll and I am sure she is so happy to have a great mom who supports her!! Kuddos to you both!
Is it really expensive?
It cost me around $25 for a bottle (which lasted about one to two months). It has to be made at a pharmacy that does compounding.
You should check with your dermatologist. He can prescribe it and as Sam mentioned it's around $25 per bottle and depending how often you apply it, one bottle can last you about a month or more. Together with it my dermatologist also prescribed something called "clobetasol" for the itching, but I never had to use it since I just apply a little aloe vera if the itching gets bad and that seems to do work just fine. Nevertheless it's still a chemical that you are putting on your head and you have to be careful with application. A little dropped on my nose once and the whole area swelled up the next morning. I looked distorted and took a day for the swelling to go down.
Wow $25 a bottle. I pay $45 a bottle and it lasts about 6-8 weeks depending how often we apply it. Sam does it 2-3 times a week. At this point I put it on her 3 bald spots which are small and all filling in and then I scatter a tip in different areas of her scalp. Yes, being careful is important. We have had some instances that were not pleasant. Are you appling it in more then one area of your scalp at a time? I eventually did 2 small areas at a time about 1/4 size. Andrea, Samantha broke out in a full body rash a few months in and a few weeks later her regrowth began. It just takes some patience if you give it a chance. We have something else for the itching and rashes, but we use it so infrequently. We do however use it twice a week on the eyebrows and it has helped. Good luck and feel free to email me. Cindy





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