I have diffused thinning all over, but still have lots of hair, especially around the back of my head. I have started to think about buzzing or shaving my hair someday, but I must know, does a shaved head itch as the remaining hair grows?

I have moderately sensitive skin. Sometimes I find my legs or armpits will itch post-shave as the hair returns. I know my husband finds hair regrowth on his neck after shaving immensely itchy.

Does your head itch either from the shaving process, or as hair regrows between shaves? Is there a solution to the itching?

Thank you!

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I shave my head every two or three days. I don't like my head being rubbed for a few hours after I shave it cause my scalp feels sensitive (slight razor burn?) but I don't find it itches until it gets to a certain length which is why I do it every few days. For me, a clean scalp is a happy one! Good luck if you decide to shave, make sure you share some photos! :)
HI Carol. what type or razor are you using? i had the same thing but i switch to a HEADBLADE razor and products and since then it is gone. I shave everyday (winter once a week) i have the whole range off products and head clear helps with the ingrow hairs (i use this and i don't get them any more)
I haven't tried headblade yet but I know others who swear by it. I'm just using disposables with a pivoting head and haven't found them to be any better or worse than some of the pricier razors. I may have to see if I can get some samples mailed out to me and check it out. I don't get ingrown hairs but I could do without the razor burn. :)



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