Hi all. I have alopecia and have for over 20 years. My family and i are going to florida next summer. I generally wear a custom made human hair wig by jacquelyn which is rather pricey. I do NOT go out in public without hair on. ( i wish i was more brave). So i was thinking i could buy a lesser price wig- couple hundred dollars or so and maybe wear a bandana with it so i can snorkel with my kids without being self conscious. i moved from synthetic to the jacquelyn human hair about 10 year ago because i couldn't find good quality. everything i would buy online (i live in a small town) was poor quality and you could see my head through the wefts. So my question is-- what would be a good quality but not super expensive alternative for my florida vacation. also what / where to people get two sided tape? (i don't use since my current wig is custome made and fits excellent with no slippage) and is the bandana idea a good one? Any suggetions would be appreciated

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You might be able to buy two sided tape online. You could try these:

I think that these brands have good quality wigs that aren't super expensive:
Rene of Paris (Amore collection, Noriko collection & Hi-Fashion collection)
Gabor (their lace front wigs are very natural looking)
Jon Renau

A bandana is a good cover-up option, but not for water. I tried to wear a scarf on my head one time at the pool, and when it gets wet, it gets extremely heavy. It won't stay on your head very good once it gets wet. A light, small bandana might not be as bad. I would suggest a swim cap for when you are at the pool or beach.

I agree. I would just go with the swim cap.

I am vacationing for 2 weeks and will be in the same situation, check out this web site, they have 2 types of swim caps with hair!!! http://www.hatswithhair.com/ProductSwim.aspx

Thanks so much!!

Hi Kristin, I lived in Hawaii for eight years and I found bandanas to be just fine. I will try to send you picture oh how I tied them on. I found that I can buy very cheap wigs (I go with Forever Young) and never spend more than about 40 dollars on wigs that I will swim in. I tie the bandana very tight and with the goggles in also helps hold her hair even tighter. If I am going to be jumping off boats or anything then I also use wig tape which can be ordered online through most wig retailers. Snorkeling isn't that physical, so it shouldn't be a problem. If I am surfing I definitely wear tape and hold my head if I fall. You should be fine though. Good luck and enjoy!

thanks annie... i would love to see a picture of how you tie on the bandanas!!! thanks so much

Hi Annie- I was wondering if you could post a picture or if I was able to get one of how you tie your bandana? I've had alopecia since age 4 and have worn a wig for about 7 years. My husband and I have a beach vacation planned in a week and he wants me to be able to go snorkeling with him. On past vacations, I have tried but the tape itself hasn't held up and I am too nervous to rely on just the tape again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Here is the link for the tape I buy:

I buy the blue tape, even though it says 2 week wear I just wear it for the day when I swim, but it is very strong and I don't have to use a remover to get it off (it leaves some residue on the wig, but since they are my cheaper swim ones I usually don't care and just scrape it off with my nails). I just put it about two inches on the front and then on each ear tab.





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