Does anybody have a lace wig they sleep in, or where for a long period of time. The longest I can wear mine is 2 days. My lace wig just gets so uncomfortable and the tape constricts my head.. I want to be able to have natural looking wig. You know style it, put it up and so on.. Does anybody have any suggestions? Am I just putting my wig on wrong or something.. Did anybody purchase a silk skin wig?


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Have a look at this website . I own several of these wigs, thaey are alsolutely awesome.
Freedom wigs are great, but never sleep in a vacuum wig! Ever! The hair will break off and you will spend a lot to repair it. They are great though. Why would you want to sleep in a wig Becca? Isnt it uncomfortable?
hi could you tell me how much these freedomwigs cost thanks joanne.
i sleep in my freedom wig all the time and i have had no wear and tear to the wig. I just wouldnt sleep with it all the time. Price ranges from $3000-$3600 but is definately worth it :) i used to wear the weft based synthetic wigs before i knew about freedom wigs and they are horrible. When i got my freedom wig it made me feel better than i have ever felt since getting alopecia.!
Don't sleep in your lace wig unless you absolutely, necessarily have to!!! I learned this the hard way. I've always asked the people at the stores if it was okay and they always say it is, but it's really bad for the wig. It actually causes it to fall apart much, much faster than if you took it off every night. During the night you toss and turn and create severe tangling and matting, and so when brushed it causes the wig to shed hair significantly. And we all know lace wigs aren't cheap. If you must sleep with your lace wig, make sure you have a bottle of some good wig detangler (not regular detangler) with you. Instead of using tape adhesive, use glue. Preferably a silicon based glue. I use Brandywine EVERYTHING because it's the best product out there for lace wigs, as far as I know. The best thing about the Brandywine is that the adhesion lasts me all day but when I want to take the wig off, it's not at all difficult to remove. I take it off every night. Also, I've never seen a silk base lace wig in real life but I have seen pics online and they look incredible, just like the hair is growing right out of your scalp. I want one sooo bad!

Thanks for the information. The only reason I wanted to sleep in my lace wig is because it's a pain to get off. It takes me like an hour to get all of the glue off my head and off my wig. I use Ms. Lola's adhesive cream. Got it from

Because the glue is a pain, I just use the blue lace tape. I will have to look into brandywine. Where do you get your brandywine products from? How to do get your lace wig off? Do you have to wash it every night?


What type of tape do you use?

Thanks everybody for the input. :)
im curious about this too - i sleep in mine when its on since its such a pain to take it off and on and the glue is messy and i feel like i have to wash it every time i take it off cuz of the glue on the unit. perhaps if i use tape exclusively it wont be as bad... right now i use tape AND glue to make sure its secure - the tape doesnt like to hold in the nape for me. maybe i will think about just taping and taking it off each night. ugh.
and i use super tape with the skin protectant underneath - which i think is why its more messy. but it does make it super easy to take the tape of my skin, harder to take it off the unit though.

Is your wig uncomfortable for you? I don't like mine...Where did you get your unit? I just figured out if I just put tape on the front of my head, at the nape of my neck and ear things it works ok for the day..Than when I get home I take the thing off right away. Have you ever when swimming in your lace wig?

its really comfortable for me, i dont even notice it when its on, and i dont get itchy or anything really. the traditional wigs bother me after a while though. I never go swimming in my lace wigs, they are too delicate for that, although you could do that - just make sure to wash them immediately after and use waterproof bond like no tape or the like. i do a full perimeter bond which is why i guess its a bit harder to jsut take it off and
Aren't these wigs expensives? monthly payments? I have to admit that your wigs (in your pics) look so natural and you are a beautiful lady. I'm just so tired of the tape, glue, and itch. I went for a freedom wig. I hope it's all I imagine.
Cindy, I wish I would have listened to myself and put my lace wig on with just tape and taken it off at night. I paid monthly installments of 249-349/mo for 5 yrs. And keep my lace wig on for 5-7 days before removing it. I know about the constraints. I just got my vaccum wig from Freedom wig and love it. Of course, I've only had 3 days.
Hi Cindy, yeah I got ripped off I think. I love my vaccum wig. The only thing I wish I didn't have to wear bangs. I might look into the next one not having such a bang, not sure if that's possible due to the trim of the silcone. I love the natural look of your wig. I might just get a lace wig to have as a back up.





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