I have AU and have reynauds phenomonon with asthma and degerative arthithis, my eyes in the morning keep tearing since I have no lashes or any hair I thought it might be an allergy, but I read that with auto immune disorders other conditions mimic other disorders. does any one have this problem?


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My heart goes out to you. Like you, I also suffer from other autoimmune conditions and am at risk of developing further autoimmunity problems. I have had to make some substantial changes in my life in order to manage this - you can see my blog www.natural-treatment-for-alopecia.com/chris

When did autoimmunity show up in your life and what was going on at the time?

What are you currently doing to manage your conditions (aside from medication)? What lifestyle changes have you made and what kind of support do you have from family, friends, naturopaths, etc?
I also have been dx with sjogren's....currently AT....was AA for past 6 years.....
Hi Kathleen,
nice to speak with you what were your symptoms with sjorgrens? and what kind of tests did your doctor do? It seems with certain types of AA AT AU we develop other autoimmune disorders, it seems as I get older I am developing other autoimmune problems..
hi sharon,
i am not quite sure the exact blood tests that my MD ordered. I do now that she tested me for alot of auto-immune disroders....lymes, lupus, ra, celiac, sjogrens and probably more that came back negative that i can't remember.....my main symptoms are dry mouth and joint for the sjogrens and obviously hair loss for alopecia........fun stuff..... i decided not to treat hair loss...i did for 6 years with everything in the book...just gained tons of weight and eventually lost my hair anyway....i am taking plaquenil for my sjogren's..as persribed my the rheumatologist affter I got my bloodwork back......not sure if it helps or not.....only been taking consistantly for about 4 months....
My main symptoms are eyes running and burning itching when I wake up with a dry mouth. I have reynauds phenomonon and arthritis in my spine with AU. I looked up sjorgrens syndrome it explained that people with Reynauds also get this disorder..I have an appt with my regular MD next week... thanks for all your information hopefully someday there will be a cure ..

Hi Susan

Thanks so much for the info! What kind of wigs do you wear? I only wear human hair I would like to wear a synthetic but I hear they are not that good do you know of any that act like real hair?

Hi Sharon,
I have AA, Crohn's, Psoriasis, and now it seems like Fibromyalgia, but I haven’t gotten it diagnosed yet so you’re not alone. Im wondering if it well stop or if Ill go for the record. Oh well I guess all we can do is just take it one day at a time and know that there are a lot more things that are worse.
Hi Devin,

thanks for the reply,I agree ..



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