Shy and emberasst... having a new partner... and just arhhhhh......HELP..

Im going through a stage that im being so like emberasst to have sex or anything intimate with my coming partner...he knows i have alopecia... but it seems im shy to do anything with him...
arhh... he and i arent planning anything now...for that time its in like 2 yrs or so...
but in normal stuff like alright...but actual intimacy and waking up without my wig and so forth... i afraid thinking about it...:(

i dont know what to like ashamed even if i know and accpet it but now cause im in love and so forth hes sooo in love with me...i mean like wow... never thought a man would be...
hes 26 and 20... he wants to marry me as well...sooo omg...

im worried i would me scared to from my hair.... or something like this..

please help me and advice...u can slap me too if i seem silly!!

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he and i known each other for 3 yrs now...and when i was divorcing my husband...he called me and i was in australia and came clean with me and said he loves me... he has wanted me for a long time and has been shy....omlord..
i have loved him as well but didnt seem to notice he cared for me so i left him and ignored....
I had sex with a new partner the other night, and I kept my wig on, even though I usually don't. I told him about my hair loss and it didn't seem to be that big of a deal to him, but still, I felt better keeping the wig on. If we continue to see each other, I might gradually allow him to see me occasionally without it, but even around the house I usually wear a turban if I'm not wearing a wig.
How is everything going with your guy now? Are you feeling more
 comfortable yet? I have never taken either my wig or my hat off in front
 of my man since I have  had AU. He knew me before it started and I
feel more than naked without a cover on my head. I know it can't be
healthy for me to feel this way.  We aren't having the best intimate
relationship but there are other things going on, too. I can't  tell how
much my inhabition to be free is affecting our relationship but I sense if
I could just let go of  my fear I would feel so much less weight and relax better.

I'm having the same problem :(

There really isn't anything to be ashamed about. Scared...sure. Nervous...totally. Excited... I hope so :)

Personally, what crosses my mind occasionally is questions about my lack of body hair....or if I'm totally going to drool, snore or other wise sprawl accross the bed in some non-sexy fashion :)

All I can say is it's normal to have these kinds of doubts - being this vulnerable is never easy, and that little voice in your head can be really loud. Sounds like you have a decent guy... focus on the positives - what you have to gain, and while hard... recognize that your probally not going to be rejected for being bald.

You sound sweet, and it sounds like he's already figured out you have a lot to offer the world and him. Move at your own speed, and enjoy all of it. Baby steps..



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