Just wondering if anyone out there has heard of Shmuel Gonen from Israel.
His treatment involves 3 months of herbal liquid applied topically to affected
areas. It is required that no steriod treatment be undertaken at the same time.
His website claims to have helped many people of course, I just want to find out
whether anyone with Alopecia Aerata has tried this and if so, were they helped?

Thanks, Deb

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Newbie: This has already been discussed here. Go to tags or ask Cheryl and rj where to find the previous discussions.

Hey I was going to use him and actually spoke to him on the phone, then I was hospitalized for 2 months for another autoimmune disease and because of all the meds and steroids he was then reluctant to have me use his product. I ended up going with another group in India who is a little cheaper and felt they might be able to help I have AU. I am one month too we will see how it goes =)

Hi Kim, thanks for your reply to my query. I'll tell you a bit of my history, which I hope can help ppl with A
I am a 56 year old woman, when I was 22 years old I was engaged to be married, I was extremely stressed organising the wedding, I had my first bald spot appear on the crown of my head. I went to a dertmatologist who prescribed a steriod cream, the hair grew back. A few months later, I had another spot appear, this time the cream didn't work so I went back to the derm. who administered cortisone injections into my scalp, very painful however, hair grew back soon after. That was over 30 years old, the condition has returned due to extreme stress last year, I now have 3 bald spots, the cream is not working after a month, I am going to have cortisone injections but more importantly, I am back to meditating twice a day, for half an hour at a time. There is a direct link of stress to AA and, in my case, a direct trigger for the condition. Meditation taps into receptors in the brain to 'relax' both body & mind so I will keep you updated with my progress, I hope to reach out to my fellow sufferers re the benefits of meditation, i personally knew a man who was on a waiting list to have double hip replacement surgery (severe stuff) and within 6 months of 2 x half hour meditation sessions, he was totally cured. When he went back for his check-up the medico's typically told him it was a "spontaneous recovery" but he knew the truth. So, it's worth a try, if you want any assistance with meditation just contact me, i am very happy to help my fellow sufferers, you are all my friends...... Deb from Albury,NSW Australia

I believe stress is a HUGE factor as well. I just turned 40 on 10/8/11 and had lost all my hair between 2/11 and 5/11 =( I do aromatherapy, journaling, music therapy, animal totems and affirmations. I TRY to meditate but I have a lot of trouble quieting the mind for extended periods of time, I am diagnosed ADHD but I think our whole society in the USA are ADHD/ADD lol I don't tak meds for it but I do try meditating, I have done yogs quite a bit prior to my surgery now it is much more difficult with the ostomy bag. I practice mindfulness whenever i can. Any help you might be able to provide would be great I am open to lots of things. Take care

Hi Deb,

I am glad to have read your message.

I am an 53 year old woman, I have been suffering from AA for 36 years now. First I had it at 17 well 1,5 years before the maturity exam and the uncertain college years. Then it came back during my absolutely hard pregnancy (then my son was killed by the health institutes and medical mistakes), then always when it was very hard and without specs, emotionally, finacially, etc. For 25 years now I have a subfever-fever every day without having a real illness, for 25 years I have practicalli zeri IgA immune protein in my blood.

For the first cca. 25 years of my AA I got steroid injections, then, after I got some black points, spots at the needle injuries (or the dermo jet injuries) I get it no more. There is no tratment for it. But recentlly or for some years I DO NOT GO to docs, it is no use. For the last time in my life I had some tests done in the spring, everythins is NEGATIVE, no focal foundings, good laboratory results, good ultrasound results, good dental state, etc....

For 2,5 years I have been trying some psychotherapy. Relaxation and imagination was good for good 1,5 years, but it is not always affordable financially, and moreover I got  some extra troubles, so it got very worse. For 4 months I have been wearing wig now. But it is  rather uncomfortable, though made specially for me, of real european hair, but after an hour or so it is very uncomfortable.

Last week I found Shmuel Gonen in the internet. The price I found in the internet is rather unaffordable and if we take into consideration that it is of no use perhaps...

For the last 36 years I have tried almost everything, meds, injections, solutions, creams, EFT (I should do it more often I think), vitamines, diets, etc.......

What are your esperinces with meditation? Which method did you find best?

Please rispond me if you are still in this club...

Best regards, Sue

hello Kim,

have you tried hairup? 

Hey Deb-

  I have purchased his treatment, and sadly, it didn't work for me.  I am sucker and have tried almost everything... so my advice is don't waste your money :)

Good luck,


Thank you very much for your response.





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