Does anyone else get a red, irritated scalp with AA? I have gone from total hair loss on my scalp to some fuzzy patches growing now, but definitely not all over. But along with it, my scalp is horribly red and quite irritated. I wear a vacuum wig and that is probably not helping but there's no way I'm going without it, especially to work! I have tried mild cortisone cream at night and that seemed to help a bit, but it's now come back again. This has never happened before and I have been dealing with AA for a while now. I'm at a loss for what to do! Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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hey hon yes i have had the itching its almost like having hives i was getting red bumps and they itched like crazy for myself my doc told me to put either an anti fungal or a steroid cream and that helped calm down the itching and the bumps but ask your doctor i dont want to give any false help as far as that goes i just know it helped a little with me
holy cow!!! yes! I my scalp definitely gets itchy, red, and irritated. I don't have any idea why that happens, but its not pretty to look at!
YES! I think mine is ingrown hairs because mine become bumps that are red and itchy and painful. My doctor also gave me a steriod to treat it with. It kind of helps, less red anyways.



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