I have something I have been thinking about lately..

To you whom have had regrowth - from universalis/totalis to areata or fullgrown hair - were you ever completely bald? I mean like 'shiny-bald', or did you have thin fuzzy blonde small hairs on your scalp? I have no hair what so ever and it feels like it's no chance for me at all to get my hair back. If I don't have any fuzzy blonde hairs, does that mean that my hair follices are dead? And is it the same with eyebrows?

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oh. thank you!

Åh wow.. thank you :) And I will also look that treatment up! I hope you reach good results :)

I've been told that when the area is shiney, it's highly unlikely that the follicles will ever emerge from their dormant state. That has proved to be very true for me....I shine a lot. ;)

Yeah, I read that too.. so I was rather worried. But hopefully, it's possible for both of us shineys! Take care :)

I went shiny but kept up the treatments etc and now i have lots of fuzzy white hair on my head.

I've noticed that a lot of the recovery is about having faith. Don't lose hope and keep on trying.

Oh thank you! This gave me so much hope, because if you get fuzzy hair your focilles aren't dead and a regrowth is possible! I'm shiny and I read that a regrowth wasn't possible at all, but this gave me much hope hihi. Good luck with your treatment, and I wish you all the best :)

Thank you for your kind wishes.

My derm told me the same thing as long as he can keep the hair follicles alive regrowth will happen. So you have to keep on trying to stimulate the hair follicle some way or the other.

Ok I'm not "complete head" shiny, but have had this for ten years I've been completely smooth bald in areas on my head in the past and completely grew back hair there, I now have some spots that go shiny smooth and then get the white hairs that can grow quite long but never return to normal color over most of my head now, so I don't know what that means, but I doubt that I would ever grow normal color and thickness of hair in those areas again, but I'm not totally without hope. Although most of my hair is now the white hairs.

It's so weird how Alopecia works. You never know what's gonna happen. I am getting my hair line back and I have some patches where the hair has come back and is actually thicker than my hair used to be. I just have faith in whatever happens. It's been a spiritual experience for me.

I don't care about growing any scalp hair back. I've been AU for nearly 30 years. I wouldn't mind eyelashes and brows, though! Just NEVER make me have to shave my legs again.

I am not shiny but I have little hairs on my scalp and for years I thought it was a sign of my hair growing back. That was 15 years ago and the hairs are still their. They just never grew anymore then what they are.

I started losing hair 2 years ago. I lost the rest of the hair on my body last fall. I have the white peach fuss on my head and eyebrows. I've started DCPC and hope that the peach fuzz grows!!





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