Hi everyone :) I have had AU for around 3 years now. I had decided up until this point to go wigless, however, my hair does this weird growing in, falling out thing in the summer/winter time and this time it looks very patchy. I know it's all coming out again, which is fine but this time I would like to try a wig.

I think ideally I would like a human hair wig after reading everyone's comments on the forum and having weighed the pros/ cons. I'm looking for advice about a couple of things. Firstly, can anyone recommend a brand they like that does fashionable, young hair styles (I'm 25). I am fair skinned and my hair is natuarally a brunette/ blonde colour. Are there any pixie or short hair style wigs that people like? And also I was wondering if anyone knows if the brand Sensationnel is mainly for women of colour because they are super cute but I'm concerned that the texture of the hair might be wrong for me.

Any advice would be phenomenally helpful as I am utterly clueless and not really a girlie girl. My sister and mum are also terribly unhelpful.

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Hi Monster_1991!

Happy Holidays to you!

here is a link https://store.naturallyyoursboutique.com/collections/human-hair-wigs to an online store that has some cute wigs 50% off or more until Monday.

I found this wig, you might like it and you might not. Check it out and visit the site yourself.


I suffer from severe alopecia and have no choice but to wear a wig. I've tried a lot of wigs shops which has been very stressful in itself to find a good long lasting wig. I recently started buying my wigs from Mora Mode - what drew me to their wig is that they look very natural and the hair quality is similar to my own natural hair.

I went to them as I was able to recreate my own hair and hairline.

Hi are you still looking for a brunette lace wig?



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