My daughter has significant hair loss on her head. We recently began using steroid cream and after about 2 months, she is beginning to have some teeny tiny hairs all over. My question is, will the regrowth only continue as long as I'm using the cream? If by chance she regrows her hair, do I continue putting the cream on it?

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This is tricky because when I was first diagnoised I lost about 75% of my hair on my head. I used pretty much every method my dermatologist offered... creams, pills, shots, vitamins etc. The steriod cream worked the best and the hair grew back and I thought that I was done with alopecia... lol. But I was not. Now with experience I know when I'm starting to lose hair and as soon as I could see a dime size bald spot I would run to my dermatologist and get a new prescription of steriod cream. In my experience the steriod cream did help and the hair that grew back usually stayed. When the little peach fuzz would thicken and start to look like 'normal' hair (usually after about an inch or two in lengh) I would stop using the steriod cream. But after a few years of using the cream it really didn't help anylonger. I'm not sure why but when I would use the cream it seemed that my hair fell out faster and with a vengeance. I no longer seek treatment when the hair falls out... wearing hats, bandanas or using eyeliner pencil to color in the scalp where small areas of hair have fallen out work best for me. Sadly I have learned to accept alopecia. Unfortunately everyone has different effects to different treatments. I do/did have luck with the steriod cream and I really hope that it helps with your daughter!!!! Best of luck to you.
I would continue using it until the Dr says stop. I think I used it until the hair was about an inch long, then it just grew on it's own.
We are new to this too - my daughter was diagnosed in December 2010. We have been using the steroid cream since early january 2011. Our experience (so far) - we have seen hair grown around 8 weeks and by 11 weeks (from original loss) there is hair full covering the spot. However, we are in the process of chasing the spots - not sure if that is the term or not. Since January - we have only had one long period - from late March to mid-May without any new spots. But we are still getting them. Luckily - they are in phases so it is not as devastating for me. I am definitely getting used to the treatments. I truly hope that the cream is working for you. When the new spots come in - I still use the cream until I cannot tell anyone (or really have to search for the spot).

Good luck!
I've had alopecia for 10 years now. I've honed in all the treatments that I've found have worked, and those that have not. Steroid cream works, but I found injections to be more effective, since they go beneath the surface better. Rogaine also works, but your daughter is too young for that (and perhaps too young for injections as well). For now, the cream is your best bet. A healthy diet and exercise when she's older is needed to stave off future attacks





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