Hi!  Just wondering if anyone has ever tried Olceton??

This is their website ....

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Another in a long line of never ending hairloss treatment scams including the now infamous SG being shilled here on AW pretty regularly by a few posters pretending to be different people every time they try to promote it. Stay sharp.

Here's how to spot them:


Follow my blog at baldgirlsdolunch.org which has the most up to date real time entries on research and treatments ( such as they are) for alopecias. Like this one giving you the original source link for the February 2010 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology report by Drs. Shapiro, McElwee et al.
Hi Karen and thanks for the feedback. The question frequently arises about the progress of treatments. Dr. McElwee is one of only 10 researchers in the world who works full time 100% on the research and understanding of hair. That's it! hair and nothing but hair. I can think of no one whose depth of knowledge and articulation of that knowledge is better than his by a long shot.

So it's just fantastic that this latest article came out this month with part II being about Treatments for Alopecia Areata. Of particular note are the comments in it that essentially nothing has progressed in the AA treatement arena for the last ten years. Not only that, but Dr. Hordinsky also recently was quoted in another journal as saying that all the biologics that were tried for AA (having been already in use for psoriasis) are now known to have taken researchers off into a direction that they would not now go. Kind of like barking up the wrong tree. BUT...that's how research is...mostly dead ends and starting over with another hypothesis. And it's good to keep in mind that no autoimmune diseases have cures. Some have treatments that help symptoms somewhat for some people with some not soooo bad side effects; but there are no cures.

Why the alopecia areata "community" in particular is filled with an overly energetic belief that a cure is around the corner is a whole discussion for another day.

Thank you for your reply!
Is there anything you would suggest? I do have white regrowth all over (well i hope its regrowth) but im still loosing the little hair i have left!



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