Hey guys, 

I want to start a thread to chat about ordering from Beacon - for those who have done and for those considering. I'm really torn for various reasons. I desperately want this condition to just go away, but fear that it won't so I'm hoping to make a balanced decision before I commit to ordering.

Here are my concerns:

- Ordering: A drug that could potentially be anything/not knowing where to go to cheaply and reliably test its authenticity.

- Customs: The product being blocked/me getting in some sort of legal trouble? I really have no idea.

- Support: Finding an Irish GP/dermatologist who would stand behind me on this and agree to prescribe/monitor me.

Any advice, insight, tips, help would be great appreciated!

All the best,


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I asked my derm about it and she said no way.  Xeljanz messing with your immune system.  3rd world pharma is akin to getting cement injected into your butt in Mexico.  I can see her point.

hi paul. I think we’re in the same boat.  The drug from beacon does seem to have been tested by Pfizer and apparently is the same as Tofacitinib only slightly weaker ( I think Nicole had it tested ) .  Many people have been taking xeljanz for some time and it seems to regrow hair for many. It is also prescribed for many people in the states for RA and ulcerative colitis.  There are a number of big pharma companies carrying out stage 2/3 clinical trials re Tofacitinib for alopecia. ( aclaris concert Pfizer among others)

for me like u the issue is monitoring bloods / advising on dosage etc.  If I could arrange this then I’m moving towards taking the drug.  I have had my bloods screened  recently and they were clear.  I’m considering ordering the drugs and on receipt of them asking my GP if he would monitor my blood.  There is one dermatologist in Dublin who does occasionally prescribe the drug. I don’t know what she bases this decision on. Her colleague dr Ralph doesn’t prescribe the drug- nor

does a Dr Murad who was recommended.  I will try and get an appointment with Dr Ryan the earliest appointment is January.  I also thought about contacting Dr Ralf Paus in Manchester to ask if he was aware of  anyone in NW England who would support /

monitor bloods 

Difficult one isn’t it   

Hi. Glad I read this post magmck, I was going to make an apt with dr Ralph, saved €250. Please let us know how you get on with dr paus, Manchester is very close to Dublin so would be great if we could source a co-operative blood screening option 

Just for some confirmation regarding dr Ralph , were you told by her secretary that she does NOT prescribe xeljanz for alopecia ? Thanks in advance 

Hi Bibby 

the secretary was clear that Dr Ralph doesn't prescribe the drug.  However that’s not to say that she wouldn’t monitor the useage of in terms of blood monitoring.? I was recommended a De Murad also in Dublin and when I contacted them was advised that he wouldn’t prescribe it either.  Bit of a dead end currently 

Thanks for that reply. Yes. I will communicate with both of them once my boxes arrive from beacon (2 weeks approx) to hopefully monitor the blood. Fingers crossed



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