So, I have AU. I used to have AA, but it become so bad 3 years ago I shaved (and have shave since). I've since then lost all my hair.

I've come to a point where I don't even really think about my AU. It's just my normal. I found myself getting really angry last night when my niece's grandmother wanted to ask me questions. 

I was wearing a bandana last night, and you could see my bald head. She asked me if I was going through chemo, and I explained to her, "It's alopecia. It's genetic." And, then she continues to ask me questions, and while I understand simple curiosity, I found myself incredibly annoyed that I had to answer them. 

She said, "That must be hard" (I HATE when people say this. I mean... it was hard. But, I've dealt with it, and I'm fine.There have been people who have been through a lot more than me. I'm no martyr). When she said that, I answered, "It's not hard. I'm fine." Then, she continued to talk to me about it, and I guess didn't pick up the hint that I really didn't want to talk about it. 

It was hard, but you know, I don't want to talk to every stranger about my AU. I just feel like... it's none of your business. If I want to open up to you about it, I would. 

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I can relate.  See my post about teacher questions.

My sister and I both have AU. She goes without a wig in public. People see her with her kids and slip her money because they think that her children are going to lose their mother. It is frustrating. 


I understand how you feel, sometimes I want to share with people and sometimes I don’t.  Especially now that I have my wig look working for me. I want to just move on.... I am on month 4 of my AA journey .. I have spent hours upon hours researching AA and treatments I am worn out.  I think sometimes I need to be direct with individuals who over step boundaries and shut down conversation.  

Well, as relatable as all that is, I suggest that you just politely tell the other person you don't want to talk about it? From what I've learnt throughout my life, people are sometimes completely oblivious to the fact that this is maybe not the topic of choice for us most of the time lol.

I usually don't care about questions, as I'm pretty down to Earth about such matters. I wrote this the day after it happens, so it was fresh. Honestly, I was more annoyed by the person than by the questions. I was in the middle of trying to sell my house, and needed to get it cleaned up for the buyers. She was recommended by the niece's mom (no more family friend deals about this...). Long story short, she was awful, and from what I gathered, not terribly bright (but I did get my house sold, though!). The alopecia questions were just icing on the cake. She messaged me a few weeks ago, "If you know anyone who needs their house cleaned, give them my number!" And, I just didn't respond. was the person, not the questions. And, I used to platform to vent haha. 



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