Patches are still visible even when I shaved my hair. Any advice for me?

Hi Guys,

I shaved my hear completely but we can still see the patches where there are no hairs because there is a contrast between the areas where I still have hair and the patches.

If you were in the same situation, what did you do to make it more homogeneous and to make it not too visible?? Any creams, products...?

I am so desperate about this.

Thanks very much for your help,


cf: on the photo, you can see a big spot where I don't have any hair on the back of my head.

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Hi Vincent
welcome to AW I understand your concern about the patches still being visible I shaved my own head a few weeks ago and have the same problem, I try to shave my head everyday in the shower with a good razor to keep it short as possible so as to limit the contrast but i still find there is some areas that just still stand out, Im sorry i cant give you any more advice on this but im sure among all the really nice and friendly people here someone will have some good advice to help you. I will say that from your pictures it dont look too bad and you should take solace from the fact that you at least suit a shaved head you can pull it off, at the moment im sure its all still new and a shock to have suck a drastic image change and our self image has a great effect on us like all new thing good or bad it will take some getting used to and im not sayin this will be the case but i see people on here all the time who say they prefer their shaved head. Anyway im babbling just wanted to say hang in there, I know what your feeling as do lots of others here and chatting about it will help I assure you, hope i helped if only a lil. :)

Your Alopecian friend

Hi Dean,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
Indeed, I find it very difficult to have my hair falling again. I had my hair back for two years and I kinda got use to it.
But it is true that I feel comfortable living without any hair, but the only thing that bother me are the patches, if only I could cover them I would live my life happily for ever.

I am trying to find a solution to that, hopefully I will. I might consider having my head waxed... I watched some videos online it does work but it is quite scary as it hurts a lot! Pretty funny to watch it you have few seconds lol.

I find it hard now to go to work with no hair as I am working now. Two years ago, I was stil at university and I was wearing a nobody new exactly what I had... But now that I work I cannot where a cap.

What about you? How was it in your workplace?

Thank a lot Dean for the support.


Your story is alot like mine vince, my alopecia had been gone for 4 years and i got used to having hair again n when the alopecia came back a few months ago it was a bit of a shock, also like you said i too was at university when i last had it and hid behind hats and caps and so on and now its back this time and im out i the real world working and so on i cant wear caps and hats all the time so i totally understand your fears about the situation! I went out last week to a niteclub for the first time with my shaved head i was so scared but once i got the inital fear of what mite happen or people might say i went on to have a good night with my friends (who are great i hope you have friends who support you) and it was pretty much a regular night and not the horror show i expected it to be, I think alot of alopecia has to do with mental state of mind and if you can get yourself comfortable in your own skin its half the battle. As for my own workplace I havent been out of work for a while now unfortunatly so i havent had to deal with the fear of fellow workers or the workplace but I do sing in a band for kicks and as you can imagine image has and confidence has alot to do with that and i dreaded having to sing in front of people with my new bald head, but when it came down to it no1 battled an eyelid and it was the same as any other night and i had fun (even if the audience didnt haha) anyway i guess my drawn out point is that nothing is ever as bad as you think in your own head and its just taking those first steps and saying hey whats the worst that could happen, someone will make a comment and ill set the straight or whatever ya know. Anyway like i say hope i helped in some way, its good taking with you dude


Thanks Dean.
I think time will help me accept it again.
Meanwhile, I am still looking for ways to cover those patches...
Worst case I will try Waxing my scalp which seem to works but hurts really badly!

I will keep you posted haha!
Keep in touch,

Do not wax your head - I wax my eyebrows and over time they thin because you keep pulling the root of the hair out - so you may limit the hair that will grow back if you wax it. Perhaps a product that is made for leg hair removal for ladies like Nair might work - but I would think you need to do a test patch to make sure your skin does not have a bad reaction. You could get a product like Couvre and use an artists brush to dapple it one the area that stands out to shade it like hair - don't rub it as it will appear to be one solid color. It will not come off until you use shampoo.

It's called "the map of the world look". Closely shaved head with bare skin patches.
Best thing to do is:
1- keep it close
2- buy fake tan and apply until you have the right hue. Winter is the best time to apply fake tan.
I now have a AU and i still use fake tan. I swear by it! Stops me looking like a snowman!

Hi Lily,

Have you try Couvre before? Can you tell me how it works exactly?

I am definitely willing to buy one tube to try it, hopefully it'll work.
As for the waxing I might have to rethink then...It seem not to be the best way.
Thanks and happy holidays guys!

Yes I have used Couvre - but I have longer hair (had) so I used it to color in my scalp in a more solid fashion. It comes with a sponge - you order it in the color of your hair - and it can camouflage the scalp to blend it but I saw where someone stippled it on with an artists brush to make it look more like stubble. TOppix adheres to your hair fibers - this, Couvre, is like makeup for your scalp. I find it better than dermmatch and it is usually cheaper on Ebay.

Funny i said it looked like my head had global warming and the ocean was just taking over the land. i even started to name my continents.

I'm a cosmetologist. I got some sensitive hair remover that was supposed to be sensitive enough for faces and it gave me horrible chemical burn and you could still see the hair. Scabbed up really bad and made my wig way more uncomfortable.

Are you getting a close shave? Are you using a regular razor? One suggestion that I have for you is to try a "Headblade". You can purchase it online or at any Walgreen's. It was developed by a man who shaves his head for men who shave their heads. That is what I use to shave my head. You can see a patch slightly, but the Headblade gives you a very close shave. I'll try to take a picture after I shave my head to show you. I agree... Do not wax your head. I also suggest that Nair might work, but I have never tried it (even on my legs). Maybe someone else will know another solution for you!


I am getting a close shave with an electric razor.
I just bought a product called "Toppik" which is hair fibers. I will let you know how it goes.

As for tanning, I tried it both with fake tanning lotion and UV tanning and it does not make the patches blend as I expected.

Thank for the advice, I will try the Nair product.
Happy holidays.





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