Now, I´m a bald woman - but no "object" for "fetishes", of course ...

Hello, my friends..

Ít´s a few days ago, that i had my head shaved bald (due to my illness, not for other reasons!) - and, of course, my "surrounding world" noticed that, at once...
Most of the people, who have been knowing me, said, it´s "really okay" or "nice" or
"positive" that I decided to take my hair off, shave my head bald.
But, with our "modern world", surrounding us, there are some "freaks", as well, who,
I cannot tell anyone the reason for that!, think, okay, now, she´s a bald woman, so,
there must be some "fetish-reason" behind her insisting and saying, she wouldn´t have
shaved all her head-hair just for one reason: she tries to cope with her illness.
I never had the feeling, I´d like to become some kind of "object" for some weirdos, some "fetish-people", just `cause I started shaving my head, a few days ago...
Do you, my new friends here, have some/any relating experiences, concerning "shaved head" and "fetish-people" ??
Thank you for your help!


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hello all,
I hear what you are saying loud and clear, people love to label others.

I guess it makes them feel more secure or something. I think you should just embrace who you are, and do not let them bother you at all.

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cant really understand...the way other people are sometimes..but i do often wonder how they get by in life? i lost my eyebrows again recently...and people were asking why i shave my eyebrows?????? what??????? in the end i just told people "or no not again, i must have left them at home" its early days for you shaving your head...and im sure like so many other people you will get more confidence month by really is to short for these weirdos so please try to concentrate on the people who do care to you....stay safe and be strong
I've been criticised by some girlfriends as I said I was considering - if not shaving my head - cutting my hair very very short (boy-like), due to my progressive hair loss. Their point was that I want to be noticed by other people... I used to be noticed for my princess-like waist-long hair and as I'm not a "humble" person I'm not happy with the little (but still "normal") hair I have now, so having no hair at all would be the only way to be noticed for my hair! Crazy, right? This is what I've been told. Sometimes I think they were just envious when I had beautiful hair, sometimes I think they are right. Maybe the truth stays somewhere in the middle. Of course when I do that someone who doesn't know me will label me as "feticist" or "trasgressive"...maybe I'll try to be more trasgressive than that just telling them the truth!



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