I was just diagnosed with alopecia and am in need for support. I lost all my hair except for my eyelashes so far and a sprout of hair on my head that will most likely be gone soon. This all happened over 9 weeks. The doctors feel that there is other underlying conditions not yet diagnosed yet, so I will going to doctors #6 and 7 this week. I don't mind all the tests and appointments, but I am trying really hard to deal with my new look.

I lost my brother as a child to cancer and that experience changed my life. For the last 10 years I have always been positive and the support for others. When anyone asked how I could always be so positive and see the best no matter what, I responded with " it could always be worse!" I now feel like a closet hypocrite. I put on a happy face then feel sadness when alone. I know it's just hair and looks are not everything, but it all changes when you are faced with this.

The hardest part is work. I have clients who have always commented on my hair. I even had a gentlemen who would not come back for his appointment because I changed my hair color. He waited a year to come in until I changed my color back. Many clients ask if I have cancer and some don't want to reschedule with me. It is hurting my career.

I bought a wig for work but it gave my neck a scratchy rash. I went shopping for one that I can wear for everyday use that keeps my neck covered and warm without a rash. WOW! $1000! I already spend $500 and I can only wear it until I get the rash.

Does anyone have a line on getting wigs for under a grand? I am looking for a place I can try them on or return if I don't like them. The hardest part is looking in the mirror and feeling connected to what is looking back at you. That is a very surreal concept I am learning about. I guess I'll f I had eyebrows it wouldn't be so hard.

My kids are worried so I don't go without a hat around them. If they were older it would be different but I need to be ok with it before I can expect them to understand.

I realize I may never have hair again and will live a great life without it, but for now I just need some confidence to get me over that hump.

Thank you for any one who reads this or responds.


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It has been a year since I lost my hair. It happened over 6 weeks. It came out in large clumps. I always had baby fine hair and shedding. Never had traditional bald spots to start, it just came out in big clumps until there was none. I was 70. Went to many doctors and told many things. The allergist stated it was Alopecia Aerata Universalis. I now have white fuzz on my head, but after it gets to about 1/4 inch, it also disappears. I have a few brow hairs and a few lash hairs now. Waiting for them to disappear also. This has been a strange journey, one I would not wish on anyone. Like everyone, my spirits rise and dip. No one in my family is bald but me. I have several wigs, including one human hair. Actually like my synthetic wigs best. I have to wear shorter ones or my neck gets irritated. I buy from Paula Young or Wigs.com. Unless they are on clearance they are returnable. I only look at those with high star ratings and review the comments. I love the color Silvery Moon as it is my mother and sister's natural color. Figured at 70 I should get what my hair would be like if it were not dyed. Good luck to you. This disease is crazy.



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