Hi i have a question.

My spots started in March of last year 2013. now i have only scraps of hair left.

I only recently found out that i have AA.  now all of my hair is gone. i got my first injection last week. how long doest it take to notice if the hair will come  back after the first injection?

thank you in advance for listening.  this is very frustrating.

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Yes, it was interesting that for my son his AA started after he was mugged - maybe the shock to him emotionally played a part in it......

Hi Soisy,

My condition started when I was 20 years old, about five years ago. At that point in time, I was going through some stressful things. This included struggling with an eating disorder, and trying to maintain an unhealthy weight! Within a year I lost all hair on my body! I have been living a much healthier lifestyle over the past three years. My hair grew back completely, and now I just have some (about 7) patches on my head. I totally agree that there may be some link between stress/diet and the hair loss. The  way I see it, is that I always had this condition in me, and the stress I was putting on my body was the catalyst for the hair loss to begin. I don't think this is case for everyone, because this condition is so sporadic and unpredictable! But yes, I agree, for some of us, it may be related! For me, I just try to do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which makes me feel like I'm doing something other than being sad about it! lol Good luck!! :)

-Ellen :)



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