Hi All,

It's Lisa form Australia.
I am so excited...I just watched a program here in Australia where a young girl got all of her hair back using the below mentioned herbs.

Please read this everyone!!!


Chinese medicine
Alopecia involves hair loss on the scalp (A. totalis) and total body hair including eyebrows and eyelashes (A universalis).
Alopecia universalis is the most severe form of alopecia areata (spot baldness of the scalp), with an incidence of 1 in 100,000 individuals. It can occur at any age, and Western medicine believes it is caused by an autoimmune disorder.
In Chinese medicine, hair loss (in general) and alopecia specifically is commonly associated with stagnant or deficient Liver Blood, which normally nourishes the scalp and hair, and also to constrained Liver Qi, which ‘leads the Blood’ in its passage around the body.
Fusion Health Women’s Balance nourishes the Blood and invigorates the Qi and Liver Blood to relieve stagnation. These mechanisms help explain the dramatic hair regrowth experienced by people taking Women’s Balance for Alopecia totalis and universalis.
For further information visit your health food store or call the Fusion Health naturopathic hotline on 1800 550 103.
Manufactured in Australia
Laboratory tested for
Purity and Potency

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You can also read the other article at www.yahoo7.com/todaytonight
It's a program in Australia.
Me TOOOOOOOOOO!!! xxx :-)
Her hair grew back really quickly too...
yes i know hope ours does the same :-))))) keep smiling there is always hope !!!

how did it work for you?

Looks like they have updated their hair products


Has anyone else tried this? Please let us know if you have results, too!
Here is the link
http://www.fusionhealth.com.au/ecommerce.php?action=search&stk_... Balance

I dunno, maybe I am a skeptic, but they just seem like 'regular' vitamins.
I also believe that her hair just grew back on its own accord, and the vitamins were just coincidental.

Gosh really, I think everyone here has tried EVERYTHING similar.
I think she just had an episode of alopecia, then when her bosy was again in control, it just began to grow back.

And of course, now, all those vitamins have flown off the shelf in aus!!!

I am genuinely happy for the little girl though.

I just wanted to say that the fusion health vitamins work! I used the Womens Balance and the Hair Tonic. I don't have alopecia but I did have more hair loss than was normal I took it and things started to really improve. I also got of all pharmaceuticals.

Hello, I am Simone from Italy. What about Fusion Health hair tonic,  
has anyone tried this product?
the hair has grown back?

I have heard this before Chinese had a lotion long time ago and said is working but it got out of market. do you personally know some one who had a positive result does it work for androgenic alopecia too?

This looks very similar to supplements that a Naturopath may recommend - combined with dietary changes. 



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