So...a few times this week...the question "What do you do for yourself?" has come up.
My only response was...I take a bath...go to bed early...But that's it... Yikes, eh? I have 2 kids, so my time is happily given to them - but the more i have thought about it, the more i realize that I should probably do a few more things for me. I have decided to let my body handle the alopecia...I figure, if i'm meant to be bald, there won't be a dang thing I can do about it...but my hair seems to be growing back (i'm not holding my breath though).
I'm just wondering what things other people do for themselves to help cheer them up or make them feel good. Some inexpensive ideas would be great...thanks in advance for your help! :)

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Hi Christie,

This is a good discussion. In general, I would say by doing something that I am happy about to cheer myself. Then, things that might cheer a person does not necessarily be the same with other person.

I believe that you're not unhappy by looking or caring a family, its just that you're tired sometimes, it often sink quickly to the bottom when you're both physically and mentally tired. In my opinion, I think it would be satisfying and relaxing by spending sometime alone, just a day yourself at home...watching your favourite movie with some popcorns and coke. That should be relaxing.

As of my personal experience. When I am physically tired, I tend to sleep alot or at least have my favourite food (i.e I love McDonalds) or just slacking on the couch watching news or documentary or reading a book.

When I am mentally tired, I tend to do something more inspiring and encouraging (depending on the resource I have at the moment), I normally tune in nice hymns and songs to relax my mind, excercising like jogging, bicycling and swimming or even just come online to alopecia support sites like alopecia world to seek inspiration. Walking my dog can be mentally relaxing as well.

If I am both physically and mentally tired, my patience tend to run out quickly. Therefore, I prefer some alone time to deal with it. Mostly, as I suggested to you earlier, I would watch my favourite comedies or movie with my favourite food and after the movie I take a long sleep / nap. If I dont have whole day to do that, I just listen to some musics while seeping my tea for about 15 minutes, then I'll take an hour nap.

Doing something good and feel good in general does boost my physical and mental strength (especially knowing that tough times are ahead). I find that most rewarding and reliable is by doing something that makes other feel good. In the orient, there is a saying that "helping others is the foundation of happiness in the helper". (I.e. helping or walking a senior citizen across the street or just even a pat on a person's shoulder when they're sad/depressed can be very rewarding for the entire day)

I dont think most of my suggestions are expensive (in terms of monetary) but it does require some amount of time and effort out of us.

Hope you find that helpful.

Well i listen to lot of music, esp buddhist chants to make me feel better.
I am a runner and I always feel so much better after a run. Motivating to go on the run is sometimes hard, but making plans with my running partners helps to get me out of the door. I always feel better both mentally and physically after a run. If you are not a runner, start small and find a 5k in a few months from now that you can run or walk - having a goal is great motivation.

I also do yoga 1-2 a week. I also enjoy that as well.
btw, the pictures of your kids with the wigs are adorable!
pedicures!!! You can get mani/pedis for around 32 dollars for both. I usually skip the manicure and just do the pedicure...its cheaper that way too. I don't do them nearly as often as I should. Who doesn't like foot massages :) And, for $5 extra - they will draw fun designs on your big toe and add little gems. Its like a party for your feet! That always cheers me up. Take a book or a magazine and have some You time!!
yes yes pedicure !and massage;)) i like that too.. indulge yourself;)) and of course shooping help tooo but probably i have bigest benefit of exercising...many ways to help yourself;))
Drawing, painting, ethnic festivals, food festivals, organic gardening, music that makes you dance,

baking, cooking, shopping, catalogs, novels, movies, musicals, TV online searches for old friends,

browsing in decorator, furniture and plant stores...even hardware stores, road trips, invite good pals over,

write real letters to aunts and cousins, study a subject, sew, create, refinish, rearrange, weed the flowers.
Hi Christie :)

I like to get a full body massage once in a while, or a facial. :)) I also LOVE to take long walks by myself. I download music to my ipod and relax and enjoy the outdoors. I'm also going to take a day for myself and meet my best friend in Newport, RI for the day. That will be a real treat as I haven't seen her in 2 years! I don't know what happens to the time but I know I don't take enough for myself! lol

Best to you. Hope you find a place for peace and relaxation!

Here is a tip... I used Mendhi Henna to draw in some eyebrows for a recent vacation. With swimming and heat/sunscreen, the make up usually comes off, so I tried the henna. At first, I was apprehensive because the henna turns pretty orange on my white skin! Of course I put dark brown eyeshadow over the henna to make it look more natural. Once my skin began to tan, the henna turned brown, making my eyebrows look more natural. I can't tell you how free I felt without having to worry about my make up rubbing off - the henna also gave me a great outline to follow when applying the make up - which saved time! I think I will keep it up as I hate drawing them in from scratch everyday! By the way, I wear a scarf at the pool and beach. Beneath the scarf, I wear a basic hairband on which I have sewed a few hair extensions- these extensions wrap around my ears and are tucked under the back of the scarf to make it look like I have hair tucked underneath. I am not freaked out about people knowing I am bald, but I do not want to draw attention to myself - especially since when a woman is bald, it is assumed she is sick. Hope you can use this advice!
I go horseback riding, I read a book that interests me because I like being taken into a new world, I listen to music and sing really loud even though I suck at singing lol, I go for a hike, or I sleep (can't get enough lol). Everybody has different things that they like to do that relax them and make them feel good ( I doubt many of you would find shoveling horse manure and doing barn chores relaxing lol), so I would say that you should think about what really makes you feel good and then find a way to make it happen. For most things there is a cheaper way to do it, and some hobbies are even free. What are your interests? I would suggest having a "mommy day" where you tell your husband and your kids that they need to pretend you aren't there. Then you can sleep in, maybe convince your husband to make you breakfast in bed, and have the rest of the day to do whatever you want, whether that is having a nice bubble bath with a book, or going out and doing something like getting a manicure or pedicure or even a massage.



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