I am 43 years old and have been completely bald since the age of 3. I have almost always worn a wig especially in public and because I get very cold I cover my head at home with various coverings (scarves, toboggans, etc). I am by nature a pretty high strung person and carry a lot of stress in my shoulders. I have especially been in pain probably for over 10 years in my shoulders and neck. I have thought that it is probably due to always having something on my head and feeling the pressure (sort of like how people with hair say a ponytail or head band gives them a headache). Does anyone else on here have severe neck and shoulder pain that they feel is associated with alopecia in this way? How do you get relief? I am using Ibuprophen, heat and cold therapy, essential oils, stretching, and massage but it never eases completely. I can honestly say it is a chronic pain that I have just learned to live with but I am really getting to the point that it hurts way more than it should. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jamie Taylor

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I have coat hanger pain and migraines due to POTS another condition I have, the occipital area is where the pain starts. Pain killers don't work very well for me but I use a nova sonic devise (not to be use over boney areas ) this helps to keep the pain manageable. They are about £150 now but I have had mine for about 15 years!! I also use infra red light . There is a lot of information on the net about these.

Have you had your neck x rayed? The neck bones are small and damage can easily occur

Hoping you find some relief

Hello. It seems to me that about the lack of hair you should not worry, and for effective pain relief, please look at the products with CBD oil from the company pure kana. Have you heard about the human endocannabinoid system? So maybe that's what you're missing. Try to see more on the site at the link.

Hey Jamie,

You are not alone!

I have Alopecia Universalis and have had neck pain for as long as I can remember. Pretty intense neck cracks. I finally decided to do something about it (at the ripe age of 29) and have been working fairly hard to correct my posture. 

For full disclosure, this comes with a number of other changes I've been working on: lowering stress, changing diet, taking better care of things, yoga, meditation, supplementation etc. and since I've been working through these processes; my hair has slowly started returning with small blonde hairs sprouting through and my neck pain is slowly going.

Are they linked? I'm not a doctor is I couldn't tell you. But in my wildly unprofessional opinion, I feel as though there may be something in it! I'd defintely recommend looking into your posture and taking proactive steps to fix it, as well as yoga. Sounds like mumbo jumbo, I know, I'm the biggest sceptic out there when it comes to this stuff but it really has helped me! If you need any advice or references/YouTube videos for yoga then send me a message, I'll let you know what ones I found helpful!

Hope you find relief for your neck!



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