Ok...so just when I think I have a handle on this crazy, roller coaster of a disease, it throws me a curve ball. Last night while I was attempting to give myself a pedicure, one of my nails just fell right off! Nothing left...nada! What's up with that?!? Has anyone else had this happen to them? So it's taking my hair, taking my eyelashes and now my nails! My goodness! Oh Alopecia...you make sure like to mix things up don't you!

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Are you sure this nail had no trauma that would cause it to fall off? Damage to the nail bed from some type of impact/injury could eventually cause the nail to come off. In addition, fungal infections (common in toenails) can also cause the nail to fall off. There may be some dietary reason for this too, some type of deficiency. My thinking is it is not the alopecia that caused it, but something else.
Hi Gail, thank you for responding. Those are all things I thought of first too! No trauma to the nail, or foot and I just recently had a full blood work done by my doctor and there are no deficiencies at all and all other aspects are normal. Diet is good - eat only all natural products, take vitiamins etc...no fungal infections. Just bizzare! I do hope you're right though and it is just a fluke :)
My doctor would always check the integrety of my nails due to the alopecia. Alopecia effects the nails and hair. I am not sure if it can cause nails to fall off, but I know it can turn them yellow and cause pitting in them.
Hi Shannon. I have heard of them pitting as well and I will ask my doctor at my next visit to have a look. Thank you so much for your reply :)
Hi Kim, Wow that is heavy my eyelashes are half gone now and my nails are looking even worse than a month ago. All little dents and the coat is very dull yellowish. I polish it but it doesn't really go away.

I hope that it is something else. Here is some info I found on the internet
Hi Samantha :) I had a look at that site and it does say "Onychomadesis occurs when the proximal part of the nail separates from the nail bed, leading usually to shedding. The nail may or may not grow back". Thank you for looking that up for me - you're so kind! I do hope along with you that it is something else, but if it is related to alopecia, then it's just something else to adjust to! Maybe we need to invest in some bright red nail polish and try and make the best of it!

Ugh...I'm sorry to hear that your eyelashes are half gone, I am right there with you. Hang in there my dear, you are beautiful and your smile just lights up and made me smile as soon as I saw your post :) Thank you for your comment and your help.
He Kim,

Your welcome ;-).

Look what I found ... made me happy to see so many beautiful creations ....

Have a great day!
Hi Kim, this happened to me in 2010. My small baby toe nail fell off like it was nothing. It really freaked me out, made me think of the movie "the fly". It did however grow right back and I havent had a problem since!?!?
Freaky right?!?!? Glad I'm not the only one and super happy you haven't had it happen again! Thanks so much for the reply Devin - it was very encouraging :)



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