I am alopecia universals and was on Xeljanz 10 MG a day for 2 years with little results. Some body hair and fingernails improved. I developed shingles and went off Xeljanz. Went to a different dermatologist at the University of Iowa and he started me on a new regimen listed below.

First off got shingrix shot to hopefully prevent shingles again.

Pulsing high dose prednisone 100 MG a day for 3 days a month to jump start things. Probably do this for 3 months. I am just completing 2nd month.

Then will go back on Xelljanz at a higher dose perhaps 20 MG a day.

So far no results but it is early in the game and if I get results from prednisone, it should start happening fairly soon. Side effects so far are minimal. 

I will keep others posted as things progress. Has anyone done something similar to this and if so, did it work?


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Hello, I will link you to my post on AA/AU when it gets approved and you can see my results. I would like for you take a look at them. 



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