Hi everyone, I just bought my first 3/4 wig/hair topper. It is supposed to just blend in with my hair that I have left but I think it looks lumpy and ridiculous. My family and friends say it looks really natural and that I should just give it time. The thing is, it has 10 clips all the way around and everytime I take it off, I pull out more of my dreadfully thinning hair! Soon there won't be any natural hair left to clip it too. The clips are hard on my sensitive head and I'm finding this whole experience very difficult. Am I doing something wrong? Are these things normally this hard to put on and take off?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Clips can be difficult at first but they generally become easier to use/wear over time. They can initially cause some discomfort and/or pain but they shouldn't be pulling your hair out. That is not normal.  It is hard to assess why they are progressively pulling out more of your hair after each use since there are a number of possible explanations.

Do you have a local stylist that you are working with? If so,  it would be a really good idea to make an appointment to get some help with how to safely and comfortably wear your new 3/4 wig.  If you don't have a stylist it would be a good idea to find one to help you (easier said than done when it comes to supplemental hair!) You might inquire with the vendor that sold you your 3/4 wig for a list of local stylists that they work with, then interview a few before you decide who you want to work with.  A good supplemental hair stylist will be able to help you navigate wearing hair and assist you with maintaining your biological hair.

Hope that helps.  You'll figure it out and it does get easier--promise! :-) 

You are clipping it too tight. If the hair is pulled off base it can cause hair fall. Just clip it loosely Everyone does this at first, because they think they will lose the topper. I admit toppers are not as secure as you can make a wig, but for some they are a blessing.I have had clients use velcro (the sticky side) to stabilize the topper, but the downside to that is that hair sticks to it and can be difficult to untangle. 

Try to un-clip, then turn your head upside down and gently massage the topper off. It should be more comfortable. 





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