Hi all
I have AGA and was told by my derm that I should go on 5% minoxidil and there would be a strong chance I'd regrow hair. I asked about side effects and was given a scary list but told that they almost never happen. So, 2 months ago, I started 5% Minoxidil morning and night and almost immediately started to shed clumps of hair. I googled this and found that this shed is common as an initial reaction to Minoxidil, but to hang in because it would grow back stronger. Okay, fine. Now, 2 months in, I have about 1/3 less hair, have gained 2kg (!!) even though I am exercising vigorously 3-5 times a week and most worrying of all - I have SUDDENLY developed serious wrinkling around my eyes and deep lines on my forehead. When I say sudden, I mean overnight, literally. I have always been complimented on my youthful skin and now, suddenly at 35 years old, I am getting wrinkles. I googled Minoxidil and wrinkles and found that this has happened to MANY other people, yet the Minoxidil people deny this is a side effect.
I have stopped as of yesterday and am watching hair literally drop off my head, but I'd a million times rather be bald than wrinkly.
Anyone else have this problem with Minoxidil?

Michelle xoxo

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Hi Michelle,

Not sure about the wrinkles but based on our experience here, if Minoxidil helped keep your hair from falling then there is a good chance that LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) can help you. A lot of dermatologists don't even know about it and the good thing is there is no oily residue in your hair.

Thanks Janet - I'll definitely look into this :-) Appreciate the feedback!
Hi Michelle, I've tried the Minoxidil for many years and never had any problems with it - yet it didn't grow my hair back either. Of course, meds effect everyone different and I have tried many other things that if there was a bad side effect I got it. I'm sure your weight will drop again as soon as you stop using it as for the wrinkles ........maybe some anti wrinkle cream :-)





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