I am not one to really make New Years Resolutions, but as this year comes to an end and I creep to my 45th birthday next month, the thing that is on my mind, is -- stop wasting time!

rj and I have been talking about “catch up”, when your past has finally caught up to you and find yourself trying to crash course the stuff you should have learned years ago.

I have a list of things that I should have done, but haven’t. And again, I come to the realization that if you really want something you are going to have to do what it takes to get it. Obviously easier said then done! But when and how do we take the bulls by the horn and reach our full potential?

A teenager asked me the other day, what were my dreams when I was younger. As if I had them at one time and like most adults… never attained them.

I have seen seniors obtain degrees, my 78-year-old mother is learning to drive, and More magazine that I read from time to time has an amazing sections, First after 40!

I know dreams change, but is there something that you really wanted to accomplish and still can?

"The best way to make your dreams come true... is to wake up" - Paul Valery

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Being across the country from my family since August, I have learned how important family is, no matter how old you are or how far way from each other you are. I appreciate my family more now and hope to continue to be grateful for the awesome people in my life :)
This is very inspiring. Thank you! I would start chasing my dreams but I am still not sure what they are.
Thanks for posting this. I have a few dreams I would like to accomplish this year and Lord willing I will!!!
The one thing I really wanted to accomplish was complete my degree in Management Information Systems that I started two weeks before my father suddenly died. I was within 6 credit hours of graduation when my job transferred me to Atlanta,GA an Memphis, TN, keeping me from finishing with my class. I am now very proud to say that in 5 short weeks' time I will complete my degree (I got a B in the first 3-hour class) and if I maintain my current grades I will graduate magna cum laude!

I also want to finish my questionnaire for Pam's book "Boldly Bald Women" too. I'm finishing that this week!

So yes, everybody -- anything is possible -- I'm living proof! :)
Congratulations Yokasta! Going back to school is no easy task.
Might sound silly, but I plan on FINALLY visiting Universal Studios Hollywood no later than my birthday this May, which I'll be 37. I've wanted to go there since I was like 5 years old, and now, its gonna happen. Plan on doing the regular tour,and the kick ass VIP tour to boot when I'm at USH.
I went to Universal, when I was in my late 20's -- awesome experience. I find somehow when you walk into these parks, you are instantly turned into a kid for a while. Not a bad thing with all of the trial we have to face from day to day. Which one are you going to? My favorite ride at the time was "Back to the Future" flight simulator ride.

I also never made resolutions for the New Year, but this year I decided. I have been alone for a long time, I could not meet my soul mate. I climbed sites like Hookupmasters and I'm tired of such a lifestyle. It was the action plan for the new year that helped me find a soul mate. everyone can do it, because our fate is in our hands.



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