Let's all pledge today, When or if our hair grow back, we will stay at Alopecia World to always give support to those that need it. It's important that we stay, because it gives hope to others. I'v been reading about many of our sisters and brothers who's hair regrew and then it falls out again. We need to take a pledge today to stay and show up and Say" I've been Alopecia Free for one year or two years" I'm new here and I have not yet to read a story about someone who has been Alopecia free for over a year, and is here to just give support. If you sister or brother are here and I missed your profile, Thank you, for being here for us. I know when or if my hair return " I Angie J, promise to stay and support my sisters and brothers who need to not only hear there is hope, but to see it" Take the pledge.

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I,Tim K, promise to stay and support my sisters and brothers who need to not only hear there is hope, but to see it!
I'm in for the long haul, this is a great site!
Hey Dennis ! Hey Tim! so you took the pledge, good deal. TY
Hello A.W

Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you all for your support.
To my new sister and brothers and those who did not get the chance to take "The Pledge" It's still open. Weather it's acceptance or your hair grow back. Please stop by A.W to continue to encourage others with their journey. Go ahead take the pledge.

I Angie J, promise to stay and support my sisters and brothers who need to not only hear there is hope, but to see it.
Stuck with you? I wouldn't say stuck, I'll say blessed. Well that's good news for us at A.W. We need you here. Thank you for your support. Back at ya! Beautiful people and caring people in one place, Wow! life is grand. If you want to meet people here in Georgia, you need to join the group Atlantans with Alopecia. We are all over: Cummings ,Gwinnett, Conyers, ect. We welcome you!
I promise...
Wonderful EB DJ. We thank you.

I promise...

i came across this and I was happy to see it my little girl has had AA for 4 months she is four years old and has no idea only 2 faurly small spots but everything on here does not show any positive outcomes nice to see recovery stories. This will be a great website for my daughter to go too if she ever needs it when she is older

Yes Stacey, It would be nice for people who have recovered to not just take the pledge, but to live it and stay. We here at A.W learn to live with our condition with the support from each other. For me I would love to have people return to the site. I don't know anybody whose hair grows back and the story ended. I'm sure they are out there, but they don't come back until well....We can adjust, but what's wrong with hope. I heard about remission; but have not yet experience it. January makes two years for me; I would find comfort being able to talk to others who have been there and stayed there. I think I'll ask our A.W family.

Good idea. The support and knowing there are others who have been in the same situation as me has helped so much. I DOrothy G, vow to stay here too.



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