Have anyone tried the lace front wigs? If so how do you like them?

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Go to hair sister website for your lace front,you will love them.

Every wig can have a different configuration of lace. Some can be adjusted to suit your forehead and some lose shape. There is no good reason in my book to even mess with lace unless you can't or won't wear bangs. As a professional I find that lace is usually more bother than it is worth. In men's systems we have to use lace front more often and when I use it I do not glue it to the forehead anymore, I just use a hair gel to keep it in place. Once glue is used with lace it can attract dirt and be very difficult to clean.

Truthfully Aimee I prefer a good monofilimant to lace. If you are wanting to make a non lace front wig look more natural in the front without resorting to lace, you can simply apply a bit of glue to the forehead and then with a toothpick pull down a few hairs into the glue. This makes it look like hair is growing out of the scalp without the bother of lace. It does take a bit of practice to know exactly how much hair to pull down, but once you get the hang of it, you won't need to worry about disguising lace. If you find that the glue is too shiny after you finish pulling the hair, use a makeup sponge with a bit of alcohol and blot the area you glued being careful not to undo the hairs you pulled down.

Chris, I've read some of your posts and you seem to know a variety of wigs. I'm looking for a great cap with preferably European hair. Have you tried the Gemtress or the Impression wigs at all? How do they compare?

Hi Andrea,
I carry Gemtress and like the line very much, however there are limitations on color and styles available. I hate to always be so negative, but many of the online retailers that claim European hair actually use Asian or Indian hair. True European hair is very rare and expensive. There are many different types of hair that come out of Asia, some good, some are just processed to look good until the wearer has worn and washed the hair a few times. Buying a wig online is very risky.

Thanks Chris.  So based on your experience then, is the Gemtress's line of European hair true European hair or is it actually Asian hair to look like Eureopan hair?  How long does the Gemtress hair last?

Hello chris for hair, hello to whom ever is reading this. What's the glue for? Do you glue your own hairs to your own skin or what? Is this for a traditional cap? I'm just trying to work out EXACTLY what you mean so I can try it.

PS. When buying wigs online how do you know what you are going to get? how can you trust them? unless you've bought from them before. I might buy my 1st wig from a salon near me (synthetic lace front around $400) is it overpriced?

I was just recently diagnosed with Alopecia. I got my full lace wigs from rpgshow.com and youniquelacewigs.com. The wigs are so natural looking. I get so many compliments. My stlist could not believe the quality and have since started recommending these companies to her other clients.

I went to these sites, and know that anyone that sells lace wigs at these prices is not giving good quality. Good quality hair costs money, I couldn't even offer extensions at these prices that are quality much less an entire wig.

I just finished a job ventilating a lace wig bought online from a vendor that the client though was good quality. She paid $400.00 for this wig and it wasn't even a finished product when she got it. I would not have that wig on my head.

The bottom line with buying a wig online is buyer beware!!

Do you have any suggestions for brands/sites that are more trust worthy. I live in the Nashville, TN area and after doing a search for wig shops as well as stylist I'm not getting much that looks very promising. I wanted to try the new Luxhair lines, but I guess they're so new none of the stores I did find carried them. I purchased 3 of varying prices and I really like them, but in the future I will choose a non heat synthetic wig so it will be a little softer with more movement.

Also what are some tips you or anyone might be able to share in regards to finding a good wig stylist. I don't have much faith in my regular stylist. She's done good work on my bio hair, but now that it's thinning too much to really have a "hairstyle" to wear out, I'm entering into the world of wigs, and she's just not experienced enough. I want someone who knows what they're doing instead of practicing on the wig I paid hundreds of dollars for. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Not to sound argumentative, but LGFB is an American Cancer Society program provided for people with cancer, not Alopecia. Each chapter will have a different perspective about working with people with conditions other than cancer.  I was a long time participant of this program, the first volunteer in Northern CA and started the program in AZ. Also twice awarded the ACS award for patient courage.

Wigs for cancer patients do have somewhat different objectives than those geared towards Alopecia. Be certain that the person you work with is familiar with Alopecia because the recommendations may be very different.

In my opinion, cancer is a short term hair loss issue so synthetic wigs are great in these cases. But people living with Alopecia may want to consider human hair with closed caps as  in most cases the condition is ongoing and the person living with this condition will want the most natural solution available. Synthetic is also fine for people with Alopecia, but the main issue is the cap. A closed (hand tied) cap is more natural looking but is also much warmer than a wefted cap. In a person that has some hair left, a wefted cap allows the wig to be secured much better and the scalp still gets plenty of air to it so it is not as hot. People that have no hair are better off in most cases with a hand tied, closed cap.





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