I have a very active 6 year old daughter who has lost all her hair. I would love for her to be able to find a wig that she would be able to wear in gymnastics and dance, but have concerns on what kind is best. Ideally it would be nice if she could pull her wig up into a pony tail. It sounds like she would be able to do this with a suction wig. My concern is that she is a growing child and how long will the wig fit her until we need to buy a new one. I assuming they don't come cheap and the fit would be jeopordized by a growth spurt. Also I am concerned with how comfortable it would be for her. We live in South Texas and it gets extremely hot. Is is going to be to uncomfortable for her to wear during the summer? And if anyone has experience with organizations that help with wigs for kids, I would appreciate hearing how that worked for you. She has a big dance recital and gymnastics testing in June and I would love for her to be able to participate without the stares and explinations. I don't think I go a day without someone asking me about her condition. I know they mean well, but it gets old.

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Freedom Vacuum Wigs will give your daughter the ability to do all the things she wants to do. I would like you to ring Kim Karacz (she is in Austin) and have a chat with her. She has been wearing Freedom Wigs for many years (she also has a good knowledge of other options and what they did for her).

I understand the conundrum this causes for parents and little people and I fully empathise with the difficulties of alopecia and the decision to wear a wig for a child. My daughter lost her hair when she was 12 ( so a little older than your wee girl), but I worked through the same concerns. We went with a Freedom Wig and we have never looked back. It really was a life saver for her and continues to be so (she is now 22 years old). If I can help anyway feel free to message me (I'm pretty knowledgeable about Freedom Wigs). But do contact Kim as she really will be able to pass on her expertise, she lives closeby and has been wearing Freedom wigs for years. Her contact phone number is 512 417 0385 or 0800 978 1852 email:kim@2ndnaturehair.com

The other thing that Kim will be able to do is connect you with other children in Texas wearing Freedom Wigs. This may be very helpful.

Hope this all helps.

(Your wee girl is just as cute as a button without her hair).



Thank you Rosy. I actually am going to my first support group meeting this month and she is a member. It will be a good time to talk to her. I looked at the pictures on your profile and can't believe they are wearing wigs. I wish I could get my hair to look that good. My daugther is really starting to get excited about looking at wigs.

That's wonderful. Have a fab time at the meeting, they are such a great place for kids and adults to get together and have a good chinway about alopecia.

Have fun.



You may want to check with hair club, celebrity wigs.com, locks of love. I know that those 3 provide free wigs to children. My daughter wears all lace wigs and tapes them on. She was a cheerleader/dancer.She is in college now and sleeps in her wigs and changes them in the shower. This has enabled her to only share her condition with those she wants to. I would try the free route first while you experiment with what works best for her.

Thanks Karen.. I haven't heard of celebrity wigs. I will have to check it out. I am thinking the free route would probably be best at her age, since she still has a lot of growing to do. To be honest she is pretty cute bald and I wouldn't have a problem with her going without a wig. She doesn't care one way or the other. We have started putting temporary tattoos on her head and she loves it when people notice. I just get so sick of having to explain her condition to everyone. It seems I can't even go to the grocery store without some stranger asking questions. I know they are curious and mean well, but I feel like it is consumming our life sometimes. It always seems to be in the back of my mind. She is very confident and has no problem talking about it to strangers. I have to admit she shocks a lot of adults when she starts explaining it to them. I didn't realize so many people haven't heard of Alopecia. I had a friend in college who had it and just assumed everyone knew what it was.

I had not heard of alopecia until my daughter developed the condition. Start with hair club because I know that they are still providing free wigs for kids. Message me so I can give you my email address. You need to explore all of the options for her.


I understand that budget is a very real consideration when looking for a wig and in some instances your Freedom IA will be able to help you with possible alternative help with charity organisations.

My biggest concern with children is their lifestyle and their absolute need to feel comfortable and secure in the wig they choose (They have to like the way they look). In my opinion you can't get better than a Freedom Wig...and I know that many won't understand what this actually means to children and those that wear them. A cheaper alternative may be helpful, I can't really comment on that except to say when I was waiting for my daughter's freedom wig to arrive, we did try other wig alternatives and they were not helpful for us, if anything they made my daughter more introverted and concerned about her alopecia. That was not what I was trying to achieve for her. I wanted her to wear a wig that worked for her...not to hide her alopecia but to help her be able to present herself as she wanted, not with an alternative she didn't really like.

All wigs are compromises on growing biological hair, but some are able to help in more than just aesthetics.

Do your investigations and see what works for you both.

Karen: I understand that your daughter loves her wig alternative and I get that. :) I am not suggesting that it isn't working for her or can't work for others. I'm just relaying what has worked for us with full knowledge of how great it is when you get something that makes a difference.


See http://www.gemtress.com/childrenswigs/

I also have expert custom wig sewing alteration people as I have a rare form of DWARFISM that caused me to have a small CHILD SIZE 17IN Head,despite being 49.All my wigs also have DERMAFIX sewn into the caps so I hsve suction grip hold,WITHOUT TAPE/GLUE/ADHESIVE Etc,I even swim,sleep,play tennis/golf/violin & my wigs stay on securely/tightly without any discomfort !

Thank you everyone for the options that have worked for you. Like AA treatments, what works for some doesn't work for others. I wish money wasn't an option, but I have a son starting college and another starting to drive, so unfortunately it is at this time. I am just glad to hear there are options out there. Since being on Alopeciaworld, I have seen pictures of other kids in wigs and realize how amazing they look these days. It gives me hope for my daughter. Thank you everyone for the support and advice. I will be checking them all out.

Hi Dena When my daughter lost all her hair to aa at the age of 12. She first diagnosed at the age of two. My mom bought her a wig from a local wig shop. I also have alopecia and wear wigs. So, in other words, the costs of wigs can be very expensive! I got ahold of locks of love and was able to get a beautiful vacuum wig for my daughter absolutely free of cost. They are custom made to fit, look so natural and build confidence! My daughter is able to swim in it and just have fun! She is now going to be 16 (sigh) and has recently taken off the wig! She goes to school without hair wearing just a hankie. She is due for a new wig and honestly I don't think she wants one... You can go to the locks of love website to check it out! They are wonderful! It also goes by your income if this helps. They will answer all your questions and concerns. Sincerely, Jody

Dont worry at all...buddy...You never quite know when inspiration will hit you. But, I also know there are a lot of girls and young kids who have some hair problems.There’s nothing wrong with any of those efforts, of course. I’m all for women getting wigs and, obviously, those with permanent hair loss would be more likely to want wigs than those with temporary hair loss. I know a lot of the kids who have go through this phase but every problem has a solution..but the thing is that how would you find that..go online ..there are many good online wigs stores...I also tried many stylish and Trendy wigs so evrything was good after wearing wigs..Hope you will also try...!!

...Check this one..I have tried shopping from here many times..so..I think you will also like...

Hi Deena. I also have a very active daughter with alopecia. She had alopecia universalis but has experienced regrowth of about 3 inches over her entire head. We are crossing fingers that is stays for awhile, but know it is likely she will lose it again. In any event, for dance recitals she went a couple times without her wig (completely bald) and a couple of times with a wig from hair club for kids, where you get a new free wig every 3 - 4 months. Is was adhered with sensitac tape adhesive. It was quite secure and comfortable for her. When she wasn't really active she could wear the wig for 3 days or so without having to retape it. In the summer she went without her wig completely. She also plays basketball and a couple of practices she wore her wig but for the most part just went without. I sent emails to all of the basketball and dance parents to explain the condition and that really helped. However, we experienced the same reactions from strangers that you have. Even the adults seem to lose their manners and stare. Very frustrating.

We've been very happy with the hair club for kids option, though when I packed up her wig once she decided to go without all the time I fervently wished that it was the last I'd see of it!!

Good luck.



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