Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping long human hair pieces free from tangles? I love my piece, but even if I just wear it out to the grocery store for an hour it is a tangled mess in the back when I get home. I don't wear it often so I only wash it once per month or less, and when I do, I use a shampoo called 4Hair from my salon that styles it for me. I've tried spray leave in conditioner as well but to no avail...still crazy tangles. UGH!!!

I paid a an arm and a leg for my piece so I hate that it gets so messy, and then when you try to work out the mess even gently, hair falls out. if anyone has any ideas, please pass along.

In the meantime, I might need to look for a short piece...going hairless is not really an option when its winter in the midwest.

Thanks in advance for any input,


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Hold the hair with the other hand and gently work out tangles hair ends first, slowly working up to the base. And don't wear shirts or dresses with buttons or zippers in back that can snag hair.

I can highly recommend particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

Hi Kristy

There are many different types of hair used in Human hair wigs. I would go back to the people you bought your hairpiece from and talk to them about what type of hair you have in your hairpiece and what is required to look after it. They should be able to help.

It sounds as if your human hair wig may be processed - Ask them if it is as this will very much impact on what you can and can't expect from your hairpiece.

I paid $600 for a human hair wig when I was trying to wear wigs, and I got the store to take it back and give me a full store credit because once it was washed, it was wiry and wavy, and not smooth like the style it came with. Even their stylists couldn't make it look as it had at first. It was obviously hair that had been very processed. Mary
I tried returning two of them for that same reason and they would not take them back.It is an emotional and finncial rape.How many women go through this?Mary,I'm glad that you were able to get your money back.Tallgirl,I did most of what you said,with the exception of hanging upside down on a door knob.One out of the 3,lasted the longest, it was jet black hair which was not my natural hair color,so It did not work well for my eyes and skin tone.That one however,turned out to be the least processed.Aimee,shorter does eliminate the major tangling.
I wasn't able to actually get my money back - the most they would do is give me a $600 credit in the store. I think I bought one synthetic wig with it, but since I've given up on wearing wigs, I used the remainder to buy knit turbans and hats and one long synthetic braid that I may wear sometime under a scarf or hat for fun.

My favorite short synthetic wig - the one I'm shown wearing on Shear Genius and at the beginning of my "Alternatives to Wearing a Wig" YouTube - got a lot of wear after I gave it to a dear friend with cancer. She wore that wig daily for over year, danced in it often. It still looked great. I think short and synthetic is the way to go for long-lasting. Wish I could wear one. ( ;-)
This has been a problem for me also.I lost the entire front of my hair last summer and bought my first lace front wig at a local Hair shop.A week later I began to cut the rest of it off bit by bit,finally shaving it all off the next week.Not only was it liberating,but I regained control.That wig started to tangle in back and I found myself having to comb it out every five minutes.I purchased another one,gorgeous;it lasted two months before doing the same thing.By October I was on my third wig;beautiful in the begining,but did the same thing.The current one was purchased om December 22nd and again is a mess.They are all 100 0/0 human hair.I took care of each one,but they were all long.
I have wasted so much money.
Try using morrocan oil. It makes the hair really soft and healthy.
I have just ordered the 8th wig for my daughter since this all started. The first wigs were less quality and I paid between $1400-$1800 for them. I have found a site with celebrity style wigs and a chinese site that I am much happier with. These wigs are not tangling like the more expensive ones. I am paying just over $400 for a better wig. Apparently if they do not sew the shaft of the hair all the same way they tangle much easier. Message me and I will send you the chinese site that I am happy with. There is another site that is cheaper yet but I have not ordered from it. The older the wig is,the more it tangles. Use detangler, it should not tangle while wearing it, my daughter's most expensive wig did the same thing. She has worn the same 2 wigs since August and changes them every 2nd-3rd day to wash them and they are not tangling while wearing them. They are becoming more tangled after washing. She has started teasing them which doesn't help but I just want her to be happy with her hair.
Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. I, too, have heard good things about Celebrity Style Wigs, so I might try them next if I want to try longer again. I am very lucky that I work full time from home and that I don't have to worry about putting on hair everyday. I am looking forward to warmer months, when I can hopefully feel confident to venture out bald most days. I progressed from Ophiasis pattern to diffuse AA to universalis in about the course of a year and last summer was misery for me as I was always worried about my hair or lack of it. This year I'm vowing to enjoy the sun (with sunscreen of course), swim in the ocean, and hang out in my back yard with my bald head shining. :)
Good for you Kristy!Enjoy your life.We are all in this together...
I am going to the Caribbean in late February to visit family.My head needs a tan:)

Can you tell me the Chinese site where you get quality human hair wigs. I just bought two, both from Chinese companies, but would appreciate input from you  Thanks   (how much for a long human hair wig?)





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