Hey guys. I know that it's way to early for me to be thinking of this, but I was just wondering if alopecia is inherited? Just. I would not like my future child to have this condition because it is hard and quite distressing. I'm only 15 but I can't help wondering. Every time I've looked it up on google, it always gave unclear answers. Anybody know??...

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Hi Minny

Yes, there is a genetic link with Alopecia and all Autoimmune conditions. That does not necessarily mean that any children you have will have Alopecia or Autoimmune conditions...it just means there is a chance.

You are right...you are way to young to be worried about this, but I do understand your concern.  I don't have alopecia, my husband doesn't have alopecia, my son doesn't have alopecia...but my daughter does....so, even if you don't have alopecia this can still come into your life.

Hope that helps a little.


My grandmother had AA.  My sister has had AA.  I have AU after about 20 years of AA.  My mother and father never had any of it - so go figure.  

Here is something for you to think about.  You are a valuable person.  You are worthwhile.  You obviously have had bad experiences, but they have made you who you are.  At 15 you are strong enough to open conversations on this forum about your potential future.  Any potential children you have will grow up with your love, support and with the value of your experience.  They will have it better than a lot of kids out there

That's the most valuable answer! :)

I´m the only one in my family to have AT , but some older relatives have had milder symptoms. I don´t have Children of my own, but a bunch of nieces and nephews, and obviously there is a risk that some of them will get Alopecia, but because I´m coping well, I know I can help them if they need to and all of them are really cool about their strange looking aunt. 

When you get Children, they will grow up with you having Alopecia  and it will be as natural for them as the color of your Eyes or the way you speak. If your Children get alopecia they will have the best support in the World: YOU.



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